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Your Leading Power Tool Accessories Manufacturer & Supplier in China

As a leading Power Tool Accessories Manufacturer in China

  • Tenyu Tools provide high-quality products.
  • It is a professional manufacturer and supplier of different power tool accessories at affordable rates.
  • It provides great products to numerous partners and clients in North America, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe.
  • It also exports products to South Asia, Southern Europe, and Africa. Their Domestic Market is also growing rapidly.
  • Power Tool Accessories Manufacturer Supplier

Experienced Team to Power Tool Accessories Manufacturer for Your Business

  • As one of China’s Hardware Tools Manufacturers, Tenyu Tools can supply a huge volume of products to wholesalers and importers. They manufacture power tool accessories for various applications and purposes.
  • All clients are very satisfied with the kind of services and products they provide. Tenyu Tools make sure that they deliver on time and work closely with their partners.
  • As suppliers to your jurisdictions, you deserve to get the best products for your clients and consumers.
  • Tenyu Tools have different types of drill bits and saw blades as well as other accessories that are essential to your own clients.

Your Leading Power Tool Accessories Supplier & Manufacturer Sale Team

  • Tenyu Tools can produce a large amount of drilling and cutting tool accessories every day to meet the demands of your customers.
  • The production teams work continuously to ensure a steady supply of products for their existing partners and new clients.
  • Every day, more and more importers and wholesalers are sending intentions to make Tenyu Tools their suppliers of power tool accessories.
  • You choose to work with trusted suppliers who bring value to the products and services.
  • Power Tool Accessories Manufacturer Supplier(

Your Leading Power Tool Accessories Supplier & Manufacturer

Tenyu Tools can provide you with a professional sales consultant team that can help you develop various cutting and drilling tools.

Our sales consultant team has an average of more than 10 years of global customer service experience, providing a complete product chain, the creation of selling points, and marketing plans with unique insights.

You can gain a market competitive advantage faster. So, why not use our advantages to reduce your competitiveness and earn more?

Why you Need to Choose Tenyu Tools

Shopping Experience

Tenyu Tools core products are high-quality Drill bits, saw blade, Damaged Broken Screw Extractor, but our company is continually expanding its product range to give customers an easy “all-in-one” shopping experience.

Product Inventory

Tenyu Tools warehouse located next to the factory is used to keep inventory for all of our best selling products, allowing for customers to have a quicker opportunity to replenish their Tenyu Tools items.

Quality Assurance

Tenyu Tools designed and created its own machining tools to guarantee the high quality level needed to have the Tenyu Tools name.

Business philosophy

Tenyu Tools philosophy with the tool industry is to put a strong emphasis on R&D and continue to offer cutting edge high quality products at a reasonable price, helping the consumer enjoy and take more pride in their Improve performance.

  • Your Reliable Power and Hardware Tool Assories Manufacturer in China
  • Your Reliable Power and Hardware Tool Assories Manufacturer in China

Tenyu Tools Company Profile

Specialize in the research.development, production sale and service of diamond tools.
Danyang Tenyu Tools Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company integrated with developing, production and sales. We always focus on becoming a professional tools supplier, with both wide sales networks and stable supply channels. We have our own production base and R&D centre inJiangSu province, with the area about 5000 square meters. Leading Tools is specialized in HSS drill bit / SDS Hammer drill bit /Damage screw remove /TCT Saw blade and special Drill bit. We have always been devoted to market exploring and product innovation.

Tenyu Tools is an innovative company engaged in everything from research and design to branding and marketing.
Our company was established in 2000 and has steadily grown each year. Since 2015 the company has been growing by more than 30 percent annually. As Tenyu Tools sales continue to grow, so will its production facilities, with plans to double in the next year. Tenyu Tools is working to become a leading Brand in professional Hardware & Power tools.
Monitoring the market and the changing consumer needs. Tenyu Tools specializes in products for Drill bits, Saw blade, Damaged Broken Screw Extractor.

With its own patented technology, Tenyu Tools is registered and sold in more than 20 countries around the world, with an ever increasing global presence. The Tenyu Tools brand is already accepted internationally by major hardware chain Industrial market, stores, hardware stores, and supermarkets. Factory and Working out of the head office in Danyang city, the research and design team with about 16 staff, as well as the team of engineers, are engaged in everything from pre design market research, initial 3d design, prototype making, and finally product testing.

With persistent investment in innovation, Tenyu Tools continues to launch new products every year to offer not only the readily available tools, but also innovative new designs that will shape the tool market. Tenyu Tools factory is located next to the Shanghai port, one of the biggest and busiest cargo ports in the world. This Location gives a powerful advantage with overseas logistics and shipping cost control.

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