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Tenyu Tools is a reliable and trusted manufacturer of HSS drill bit in China. As a leading tools manufacturer, you can get the best quality HSS drill bit according to your business. We can give you the broadest selection of HSS drill bit, material, sizes, and surface, different process.  We made a High-speed steel drill bit from a superior material HSS 4241, HSS 4341, HSS M2,HSS Cobalt. We make sure that your HSS drill bit is high hardness and drilling long life.

We can customize your brand on the HSS drill bit with your logo, brand.

We are for more than 15 years of HSS drill bit, we are committed to offering valuable business. We can also provide you competitive prices, on-time delivery, and great quality products.

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HSS Drill Bits of Tenyu Tools has a high resistance to wear and heat.

HSS drill bits can drill on the different metal, such as stainless steel, iron, and so on.

Why you have great advantages in your market for HSS drill bit?

You can get Hss drill bits from Tenyu tools based on competitive price & quality

Product Description

High-speed steel or HSS drill bits are engineered for general purposes.

So, if you want a dependable partner for your power tools, they are your best choice.

With HSS bits, you can drill steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, fiberglass, and PVC materials.

They are also a perfect fit for hardwood materials.

But you need to drill slowly when you are dealing with softwood materials to prevent breaking them.

These drill bits tend to become excessively hot, especially if the hole is large or deep in diameter.

HSS drill bits possess superior features such as durability, heat-resistance, and flexibility.

This is because they went through the steel tempering and heat treatment of over 1,200 °C before the cooling process.

With HSS bits on hand, you will enjoy up to 3-4 higher cutting speeds compared to cold work steels.

Features and Advantages

Do you know that HSS drill bits are categorized as a subset of tool steels?

They have unique characteristics that make them extremely functional.

HSS drill bits are made from alloys, a combination of special carbon steel and rare elements.

Elements like vanadium and chrome are typically used by most HSS tool bits manufacturers to produce them.

Some manufacturers add molybdenum, chromium, cobalt, or tungsten.

When you combine two or more rare elements with special carbon steel, the drill bits become more heat-resistant.

During red harness or high-speed operation, the drill bits do not break easily.

HSS tool manufacturers produce standard-sized bits to fit the cutting tools.

Tenyu Tools, for example, offer different kinds of HSS drill bits to suit different applications.

You get to choose the perfect bits to manage your tasks and complete them faster.

HSS drill bits are widely used in different applications.

As long as the shank fits within the chuck of the drill, you can use your bits in a variety of tasks.

They suit operations that undergo high temperatures.

HSS drill bits are also more elastic, avoiding breakage of the material.

Using HSS drill bits gives you the following advantages.

  • It boasts of high breaking strength and compactness.
  • It suits applications over 600°C.
  • It functions optimally and safely at high cutting speeds.
  • It delivers great grind during production.
  • It is easy to maintain and can be sharpened.
  • It is more affordable and comes at a relatively low cost.

The kind of coating of HSS bits also plays a role in their functionality.

  • HSS drill bits with titanium coating appear with an orange or brass coloring.

They are tougher and more durable, perfect for your repetitive drilling operation.

The bits stay sharp longer and produce less friction.

  • Black oxide-coated HSS bits are more resistant to corrosion.

You can use them for a variety of materials.

They last longer and deliver increased durability.

In general, they give great value to your money and reduce operational expenses.

Products Applications

The main use of HSS drill bits remains to be in the manufacturing of high-quality cutting tools.

HSS drill manufacturers produce power tools that can be used for industrial, commercial, construction, and household applications.

These highly-useful cutting tools include gear cutter, milling cutter, saw blades, jointer blades, taps, tool bits, and more.

To deliver optimum performance, they require power tool accessories, which include drill bits.

For high-speed applications, you need heat-resistant, durable, and high-performing drill bits.

You can cut through tough materials and surfaces with HSS bits.

They possess high abrasion resistance and superb strength against extreme hardness.

HSS drill bits are also versatile, letting you switch to low-speed applications for softer materials.

You need the right bits for specific kinds of material or output you desire.

This eliminates extra effort and damage to the material or drill bit.

Company Capabilities

Whether you are a wholesaler in the domestic market or importer, Tenyu Tools can help you grow your business.

With a wide range of power tool accessories including HSS drill bits, it is a company to trust.

Tenyu Tools is considered one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China.

They manufacture bulk items of HSS drill bits that suit different drilling applications.

Company Business Advantage

As a business partner, you get great deals including fast delivery and more affordable prices.

This helps you supply your own clients with premium HSS drill bits and other products.

Tenyu Tools use state-of-the-art equipment in their modern production facilities.

All products are certified safe to use and passed the standard safety requirements of the industry.

They have the necessary certifications, facilities, equipment, and manpower to meet your demands.

Tenyu Tools have distributors in Northern and Eastern Europe, North America, part of Asia and Africa, and domestic markets.

They aim to saturate the global markets with high-quality and durable HSS drill bits and other accessories.

Related Products Mention

When you make Tenyu Tools as your primary supplier, you will get exclusive access to their products.

You will also enjoy amazing discounts and perks that can make your business more competitive.

Their HSS bits include the following:

  • HSS Reduced Shank Turbo Max Twist Drill Bit
  • Bright Surface HSS Drill Bit for Metal Drilling
  • Best HSS Drill Bit for Metal Fully Ground
  • HSS 135 Degree Twist Drill Bits for Metal Drilling
  • Metal Drilling HSS Metal Drill Bit Black Oxide
  • Best Black and Gold HSS Twist Drill Bits
  • HSS Fully Ground Twist Drill Bits
  • Straight Shank HSS Titanium Drill Bits

They also manufacture other types of drill bits and a wide range of power tool accessories for different applications.

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HSS Drill Bit: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Drilling is simple when you have the right power tools and accessories.

What’s a drill without a reliable and high-quality HSS drill bit?

HSS drill bits improves the ability of your power tools to cut holes into different materials.

This is your ultimate FAQ guide to find high-quality HSS drill bits.

It provides comprehensive information such as types, features, design, benefits, cost, and proper care of drill bits.

So, before you shop and buy, check this out!

What are HSS Drill Bits?

If you are looking for drill bits that are built for general purposes, HSS drill bits answer your quest.

These high-speed steel bits are also known as ‘twist’ drill bits because of their distinct form.

The typical HSS bits feature a cylindrical shank.

But, you can choose a modified version that features a ¼ hex shank.

The shank is responsible for the ability of impact drivers and cordless screwdrivers to complete simple tasks.

HSS drill bits suit almost all models of power drills.

You can use them to drill through metal, wood, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials.

They are also great in drilling fiberglass, aluminum, and other soft metals.

Cool fact: The best coating for HSS drill bits is Titanium nitride.

It reduces extreme friction, increases lubricity, and extends the cutting life by three or more times.

What is HSS Drill Bits Made of?

HSS drill bits are crafted from a special type of carbon steel and rare elements.

Special carbon steel is more superior and durable than high-carbon steel.

Adding rare elements increases the strength and resistance of the alloy against heat.

Chrome-vanadium steel, for instance, lasts longer and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Special alloys that are used to make HSS drill bits deliver the following benefits:

  • They help drill bits to resist a temperature of up to 500°C.
  • They customize HSS steel to match specific industrial needs.
  • Some elements increase the durability and the maximum working temperature of the alloy.
  • They maintain their hardness and structural integrity for a longer time.
  • They raise the flexibility level and impact-strength of the drill bits.

Some HSS tool bits manufacturers use several types of material during the production process.

  • Molybdenum when added to steel produces M-2 HSS.

The element increases the HSS bits flexibility, wear resistance, and durability.

  • Molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium when combined with steel create M-50 HSS drill bits.

They are best for your general woodworking applications.

M-50 alloy displays great abrasion and flexing stress -resistance.

It eliminates constant breakage and re-sharpening.

  • Cobalt and tungsten produce carbides.

The alloys make the HSS drill bits reach higher levels of red hardness.

Red hardness is the ability of bits to sustain their cutting advantage despite the hot condition.

What Are the Primary Functions of HSS Drill Bits?

High-speed steel drill bits are widely used for various drilling tools.

Their high-abrasion resistance and toughness will make your tasks easier and quicker.

The varying alloy content of HSS drill bits makes them ideal for many industrial, commercial, and household applications.

If you are a DIY enthusiast or a business owner, investing in premium HSS bits brings better productivity.

What Are the Different Types of HSS Drill Bits?

HSS drill manufacturers offer a variety of drill metal bits for different applications.

  • HSS steel ground drill bits (HSS-Gbits)

They are ground at the tip and woodwinds or flutes.

You can easily spot HSS Gbits because they feature white cutting edges (flutes and lips.)

They also display impeccable symmetry.

With the help of a grinder, their fabric is ground straightforwardly into distinct shapes.

  • HSS rolled-metal drill bits (HSS-R bits)

They feature roll-forged flutes that suit multiple drilling tasks.

HSS-R bits went through a heated rolling process where two parallel cylinders turn into opposite directions.

They are your best option if you are looking for high-precision output.

What Are the Benefits You Get from HSS Drill Bits?

Technically, HSS drill bits are called a subset of tool steels used for cutting.

They can cut through metals, woods, and cold-rolled steel accurately and quickly without blunting.

HSS bits can handle the friction and raise the temperature of high-speed turning.

They also work well at normal temperature, provided that it is equal to the level of standard carbon steel.

At room temperature, HSS bits display high hardness and abrasion resistance.

The special alloy created by the combination of high-carbon steel and a huge concentration of rare elements makes HSS bits super strong.

HSS drill bits are heat-resistant and hardwearing.

They give value to your money because they are durable and long-lasting.

Your personal or workers’ safety is assured even when you are operating at a high RPM or speed.

They provide impressive performance even in a prolonged period of drilling.

How to Keep HSS Drill Bits in Their Best Working Condition?

When observed consistently, the following pointers help you preserve the life of your drill bits.

  •     Lift the drill bits frequently to increase airflow around and clear debris from their flutes.
  •     When drilling metals except for iron and brass, apply cutting fluid for better results.
  •     Do not force the drill bits to cool down by using water or any kind of liquid, dry them naturally.
  •     To prevent break out timber materials, always have a wooden backing behind them.
  •     Ease the drill bit and reduce the pressure through the last part of the hole to prevent damaging any kind of material.
  •     You need to remember that soft materials need faster drilling speed, hard ones require a slow drilling process.
  •     As the holes become deeper, you need to decrease the drilling speed.
  •     For precise drilling, create a center punch hole first.
  •     Ensure that your drill bits are always sharp for better cutting outcomes and lesser pressure on the tool.
  •     You need to apply enough pressure in a straight line to sustain the bite of the drill bit.
  •     Large bits usually transfer great reaction force on the drill, so prepare to hang on.

Is There a Correct RPM Formula for Using HSS Drill Bits?

For excellent and accurate cutting results in any type of material, there is a formula that you can use.

It is called the metric spindle-speed formula.

This formula provided a close approximation of the required revolutions per minute or RPM to operate HSS bits.

It is highly recommended when you are operating drill presses.

The formula is RPM= (320 x Cutting Speed) ÷ Bit Diameter.

The Cutting Speed is measured using meters per minute (m/min.)

Bit Diameter indicates the size of your HSS drill bit and is measured in millimeters (mm.)

To get the right RPM, input the cutting speed and the correct bit diameter into the formula.

For your perusal, here’s the calculated speed that will guide you.

  •     Stainless steel – 15 mm/min
  •     Cast Iron – 20 mm/min
  •     Mild Steel – 30 mm/min
  •     Plastics and Woods – 80 mm/min
  •     Copper, Aluminum, and Brass – 50 mm/min

There are other factors that can change your calculated RPM.

It includes the specific grade of your material and the available cutting fluid.

The key to ensuring the safety of the material and the drill bits, start with a slower speed.

The next step is to observe your cutting action and when needed, increase the speed.

For personal safety when operating power tools, always wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

How Do You Care for HSS Drill Bits?

Overtime, high-speed steel bits will become dull and blunt.

You don’t need to replace them immediately.

HSS bits can be sharpened to restore their optimum performance.

Why sharpen?

It is the key to get your tasks done right.

Keeping them sharp and in good working condition keeps the crucial operations at your job site moving.

You also get precise holes quickly and safely.

It is best to use a sharpening tool instead of sharpening them by hand. Besides taking your precious time, manual sharpening needs a good near vision.

So, invest in a quality and efficient specialty sharpening tool that effectively sharpens the edges of the bits.

Using cutting fluid or lubricant is also recommended if you are using your HSS drill bits at high RPMs or prolonged periods.

HSS tool manufacturers highly recommend using the correct accessory to your power tools to keep everything safe.

Avoid using drill bits that exceed the maximum drilling capacity of your drill tool.

How Much Do HSS Drill Bits Cost?

The price is dependent on the quality and the brand of the HSS drill bits.

For wholesalers and importers who want to order bulk items, Tenyu Tools offer amazing deals.

Check out their available HSS drill bits that include:

  •     HSS Reduced Shank Turbo Max Twist Drill Bit
  •     Bright Surface HSS Drill Bit for Metal Drilling
  •     Best HSS Drill Bit for Metal Fully Ground
  •     HSS 135 Degree Twist Drill Bits for Metal Drilling
  •     Metal Drilling HSS Metal Drill Bit Black Oxide
  •     Best Black and Gold HSS Twist Drill Bits
  •     Best HSS Fully Ground Twist Drill Bits
  •     Straight Shank HSS Titanium Drill Bits

Do You Want to Start an HSS Drill Bits Business?

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of premium HSS drill bits, contact Tenyu Tools.

It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power tool accessories in China, North America, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe.

Rest assured, you’d get only the finest materials for your home improvement or construction project if you choose Tenyu Tools.

Hoping that this guide of HSS drill bit has provided the information you need.

If you have more questions about HSS drill bits, feel free to contact us.



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