Carbide Single Tip with Copper U Flute SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Bit for Concrete and Hard Stone


1. Body Material:40Cr Steel with Heat Treatment
2. Tip Material: Tungsten Carbide
3. Process: Milled Flutes and Welded Tip
4. Tip Type: Single Tip
5. Flute Type: S4 Flute, L Flute, U Flute
6. Shank: SDS Plus Shank
7. Surface Finish: Sand Blasted
8. Package: in PVC Pouch, Plastic Box, Individually in Skin Card, Double Blister, Clamshell, Metal Box




1. Premium 40Cr steel with heat treatment improves core strength for maximum durability and extended life.

2. Hardened, premium carbide insert tip is strong and stays sharp longer for finer material break up and easier drilling. increases strength and durability.

3. Copper braze material gives high heat resistance for reduced tip loss, Carbide tip securely embedded in the steel body.

4.fold spiral flute (S4) for rapid drilling dust removal. With even less vibration and more precise guiding, the stability and service life of the drill bit are increased.



How to Use:

■ Follow carefully the instructions given in the machine handbook.
■ Never fit a diamond dish/cup wheel which is too loose or too tight on the flange.
■ Tighten only with the tool supplied with the machine.
■ Ensure the wheel is properly gripped to prevent slippage, but do not tighten with excessive force. Never use a hammer.
■ Keep flanges and screw threads clean and free of burrs and rust.
■ Replace distorted or damaged flanges before fitting the wheel.

For your Safety:

We recommends the use of following personal protective equipment:

■ Eye protection
■ Ear protection (ear sets)
■ Hand protection (gloves)
■ Lung protection (dust mask, also called respirator)

Important Note:

Never remove the protective machine guard and make sure it is properly adjusted to deflect debris away from you.
Ensure that no other person is at risk, especially near the machine while working.


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