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Why Tenyu Tools’ Scotch Eyed Auger Bit is the Best

  • You can easily carry our scotch eyed auger bits as they’re small and compact
  • You can choose to utilize it even by hand
  • You can create and make holes in either wet or dry situations
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find our augers easy-to-use
  • You can order it wherever you are in the globe!

Tenyu Tools’ Scotch Eyed Auger Bits

Tenyu Tools’ scotch eyed auger bits are all easy-to-handle.

They come with a 1-inch cutting diameter that’s a self-tapping pilot screw. Basically, it just means that it’ll easily be able to cut through wet or dry wood.

Furthermore, it also has a 1.25-inch inner diameter eyehole. You can use this to insert a handle that can assist you in leveraging for the movement required by the auger bit.

You can use Tenyu Tools’ scotch eyed auger bits to drill the thinnest and the thickest of wood!

Why Choose Tenyu Tools’ Scotch Eyed Auger Bits?  

For more than 15 years, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. has been the best and the most trusted scotch eyed auger bit manufacturer in China.

We’ve provided assistance and excellent-quality products to clients from Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, Europe – even Africa!

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. also employs an advanced and highly educated Research & Dev. Team. We can customize and modify the scotch eyed augers you need for your project, too!

Tenyu Tools possesses multiple certificates – ISO 9001 and CE among others.

If you want scotch eyed auger bits that are long-lasting and durable, then there’s no question that it’s us you need to work with.

Contact us and we will be more than happy to provide a free quotation! With a minimum order quantity of 100 pcs, we can approve you of a discount you can never find elsewhere!

Send Us a Query Now!

Wherever you are, expect a response from our team within 12 hours from the time of notification and confirmation!

Choosing our scotch eyed auger bits will allow you to arrive at the following perks and benefits:

Scotch Eyed Auger Bits Using
Our scotch eyed augers can cut through a thick slab of hardwood or bark
  • Made from alloy and/or HSS, which guarantees ultimate longevity and durability
  • Checked and assessed multiple times for flaws and other defects
  • Hardness-tested before distribution and production
  • Usable in a wide array of materials and projects

Not only that, we can also create the scotch eyed augers you specifically need! You can submit drawings and sketches to us too!

We’ll get to that part a bit later.

Applications of Our Scotch Eyed Auger Bits

Whether you plan on using it to cut a tree bark, or if you own a woodworking company, Tenyu Tools’ scotch eyed auger bits will be able to accommodate your request!

You don’t have to own a woodworking company to avail our scotch eyed auger bits; we’re open for business if you are a retailer, a merchandiser – and if you’re looking to rebrand, too!

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is open for business partnerships!


Scotch Eyed Auger Bit – The Complete FAQ Guide

Scotch eyed auger bit – that does sound like a power tool to you? Many people would say no, but it actually is!

If you’re just starting in the industry of power tools and accessories, we got you! In this guide, we’ll be talking about scotch eyed auger bits.

We’ll thoroughly discuss what it is, what it’s for, and how you can get your hands on the best ones in the market.

That doesn’t end there – later on, we will also help you find the best and the most trusted scotch eyed auger bit manufacturer, so stay tuned!

What is a Scotch Eyed Auger Bit?

A scotch eyed auger bit is a type of tool you can use to create holes in either dry or wet woodworking applications.

Scotch Eyed Auger Bit
Example of a Scotch Eyed Auger Bit

The “scotch eye” is the hole at the end of the auger and its purpose is to enable easy handling. You can use it for a lot of different applications such as:

  • Woodworking
  • Holing or marking of barks and other types of wood
  • Creation of furniture
  • ECT.

Are Scotch Eyed Augers Easy to Carry?

Because of the peg gauge that scotch eyes possess, you’ll be able to easily carry it.

Actual size of a scotch eyed auger bit – you can carry it easily and it can fit in a backpack

When it comes to its weight, it wouldn’t be higher than 30 ounces. It’s light and it’s easy-to-store, too!

You can fit it inside a regular backpack, a toolset, and it’s not heavy! Adding the fact that it’s not dangerous, you can have the confidence of carrying it around without imposing any threats!

Scotch Eyed Auger Uses

We had a sneak peek of its applications, but what exactly are scotch eyed augers used for?

Scotch eyed auger bit used in drilling a hole through a trunk of a tree.

Generally, you use them to create or drill holes in wood or hardened soil. The leverage it gives because of the scotch eye allows workers to maneuver it easier.

Apart from that, you can also utilize it to:

  • Make and craft camping items
  • Boring of holes into bulkheads
  • Woodworking (timber, maple, etc.)

If you wish to be creative, you can use it for other purposes, too. Given the fact that you’ll use it only for the materials, they’re capable of working on.

When Do You Scotch eyed Use Auger Drill Bits?

As opposed to what most people believe in, it’s not “just” a complementary accessory.

 Scotch eyed Use Auger Drill Bits
You can use scotch eyed auger bits for bushcraft and survival applications

In fact, you can choose to use auger drill bits if you’re aiming to create or make holes into the wood without the use of power tools.

Scotch eyed auger bits specifically, are perfect for this application. More so, you can choose to make use of scotch eyed bits if:

  • You’re having trouble boring a hole into the ground
  • You want a fast and accurate hole installed
  • You’re looking to exert little pressure in creating a hole
  • You want material removed off of a surface fast and cleanly

Auger Bits vs. Scotch eyed Use Auger Drill Bits: What’s the Difference?

While most people have the misconception that these two (2) are the same, they’re not.

Scotch eyed Use Auger Drill Bits
Example of an “auger drill bit,” which you attach to a power drill

An auger bit is a type of drill bit. More often than not, it’s any type of tool with a corkscrew-like, circular pattern. It’s what helps in the cutting or the removal of material during application.

Drill bit, on the other hand, is the general term. There are many different kinds of drill bits, such as Forstner bits, auger bits, spade bits, etc.

So, it’s not right to call and label an auger bit as “drill bit,” because drill bit can mean anything. It can be whatever type of bit to utilize for material removal, digging, boring, and drilling.

What About Auger Drill Bits?

Is there such thing as an “auger drill bit” or a combination of both?

Auger drill bits are auger bits that you use and attach to a power drill.

Instead of having an adapter (like the hole in a scotch eyed auger bit), you attach it to a power drill for faster and easier usage.

Scotch Eyed Auger Bit type

Scotch Eyed Auger Bit Alternatives?

You may find scotch eyed auger bits easy-to-acquire, but in reality, they’re not.

Scotch Eyed Auger Bit
The chisel as an alternative to scotch eyed auger bits

In case you’re wondering what alternatives are there, you can consider using regular drill bits. Although they’re smaller, they can give you the holes you’re looking for.

One advantage you can get if you use a drill bit is that you need little-to-no efforts; it’s a power tool, so it can work even if you don’t.

Another alternative you can get for a scotch eyed auger bit includes a chisel. Unlike drill bits that are power tools, though, chisels are handheld – you need to use a hammer to pound its end for it to work.

Those are just two (2) of the most common alternatives for scotch eyed auger bits. There can be a lot more, but these are just known to be the best and the most effective.

DIY Scotch Eyed Auger Bit?

As we now all know, a scotch eyed auger bit is a type of tool you often use with your hands.

Scotch Eyed Auger Bit
The T-piece or the adapter that would be attached to the auger bit for the handle

It doesn’t require electricity in order for it to work – but, it would require your effort and your strength.

You may find it hard-to-believe, but a scotch eyed auger bit is not a difficult thing to acquire. As a matter of fact, you can make or create your own!

There are tons of scotch eyed auger bit DIY solutions and tutorials online – you will never be lost!

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can create your own scotch eyed auger:

  1. Acquire or get an auger bit that has the size that you desire
  2. Make sure that it’s neither damaged nor worn out – you might run into problems if it has problems
  3. You can choose to use a secondhand auger bit or a brand new auger bit
  4. Next, you’d need a steel pipe – this is what you’ll use to make the scotch eye
  5. Cut a small piece of a pipe (preferably an inch) and place it at the end of the auger bit
  6. The position needs to be as if it was going to be the “tail” or the “handle” of the auger bit
  7. Drill a hole onto the cut pipe piece, make sure that it sits right at the middle or at the size where your auger bit would fit
  8. Next, weld the auger bit to the pipe piece in all the corners of the auger bit

You can try and include an additional layer of welding on the interior to ensure its strength and durability.

Overall, though, that’s how you can make a scotch eyed auger bit at home if you have the tools!

How Do I Use a Scotch Eyed Auger Bit?

Now that you know what you can use scotch eyed auger bits for, how do you use them exactly?


The correlation of the scotch eye and the auger bit is exactly the same when it comes to the size.

In determining the applicable size of the hole that the auger bit can make, you can measure it using the hole of the scotch eye. In most cases, it’s exactly the same (if you purchase a scotch eyed auger bit).

Using a lever or a piece of wood or metal, you’d need to insert it to the scotch eye. That’s what you’ll use to twist the auger, creating the hole that would fit the item you fit in the eye.

scotch eyed auger bit
Woodworker twisting a scotch eyed auger bit to create a hole on the piece of wood

Can Scotch Eyed Auger Bits Be Used With Power Tools?

Ideally, scotch eyed auger bits are used manually – their main function is for bushcraft and camping.

Scotch Eyed Auger Bits
Preferably, scotch eyed augers are best used manually. It’s difficult to attach it to a power tool

If you would use a power drill or any type of power tool for it, then it’d already be a bit for an electric drill. You’d lose the point of it being a “scotch eyed auger bit.”

To answer the question, yes, you can use it with a power drill. However, the best and the most ideal use you can have for scotch eyed auger bits would be manual.

The essence of a scotch eyed auger bit is for you to:

  1. Be able to know the exact size of the hole you need
  2. Have manual control over how the hole would be created

Can I Sharpen a Scotch Eyed Auger Bit?

In using scotch eyed auger bits, you can expect its ends to be worn out, especially if you use them regularly.

Just like any other tool you use for subtractive processes, auger bits become dull, too.

Sharpen a Scotch Eyed Auger Bit
An auger bit is sharpened using the “special auger file”

The biggest question is – would you be able to sharpen it? – The quick and easy answer to that is yes, you can sharpen scotch eyed auger bits. You can do it in the same way as how you sharpen regular auger bits.

What you’ll need is an auger bit file to sharpen the edges of the auger bit.

No, you can’t use a regular nail file, it’ll just break or damage the main cutting mechanism of the bit. The special file contains a special type of cutting teeth at both ends.

You’ll be able to find auger bit files in many hardware stores and shops, as well as manufacturers of these power tools and accessories.

What are Scotch Eyed Auger Bits Made Of?

The most common material used in manufacturing scotch eyed auger bits are tool steels.

However, there are some manufacturers and suppliers that use other materials such as carbon steels, HSS steels, and many more.

What is a Scotch Eyed Auger Adapter?

An auger adapter, in general, is the part of the auger you can use to leverage the twisting motion.

 adapter for a scotch eyed auger bit
Sample of an adapter for a scotch eyed auger bit

In a scotch eyed auger, the adapter is the hole at the end where you use a piece of stick or metal to help you twist and rotate the auger bit.


Which Scotch Eyed Auger Bit Manufacturer Can You Trust?

You will be able to find a lot of scotch eyed auger bit manufacturers in the market.

Danyan Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd’s manufacturing plant
Danyan Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd’s manufacturing plant

There are some that have tremendous experiences, who were able to amass tons of skills, and manufacturers that are just new to the industry.

Here in China, we here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. have been considered as the top and the most relied on scotch eyed auger bit manufacturer.

For more than a decade, we have showcased our talent in the manufacturing of power tools and accessories. One of the primary tools we manufacture is the scotch eyed auger bit – but why should you choose us for it?

Why Choose Tenyu Tools For Your Scotch Eyed Auger Bit?

Apart from the fact that we are known to be the best manufacturer of scotch eyed auger bits, a lot of businesses and companies trust us, too!

We cater to both B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) markets.

Whether you’re interested to add a scotch eyed auger bit to your arsenal, or if you’re planning to put up a store or a shop, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is your best choice!

  • You can get our scotch eyed auger bits wherever you are in the world
  • We can provide free samples before we mass-produce the products you need
  • We are CE, SGS, and ISO certified
  • Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. has an online workshop and showroom you can refer to
  • We have a favorable manufacturing plant, which you can visit anytime!

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. isn’t just the best scotch eyed auger bit manufacturer; you can also contact us if you need help when it comes to repairs, replacement, maintenance, sharpening, rentals, etc.

We are your one-stop-shop scotch eyed auger bit manufacturer to produce high-quality and durable auger bits.

If you’ve felt like you’ve wasted your time on senseless manufacturers, your time has come! Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. will make you feel like the best client and customer there is!

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