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Reasons Why You Should Choose Tenyu Tools For Your Wood Spade Bits

  • You can choose from the many different types and classifications of our wood spade bits
  • You’ll get higher quality wood spade bits in a more affordable and competitive rate
  • You can customize the specifications of wood spade bits you need for your business
  • You’ll be able to save money by purchasing Tenyu Tools’ wood spade bits
  • You can expect better-quality results using our wood spade bits
  • Your orders won’t be long – we have a turnaround time of 2 to 3 weeks for delivery!
  • All your orders are securely packaged and will be delivered in the best ways possible
  • You can count on us to answer queries from pre-sale – to the aftersale!

Where Can You Apply Tenyu Wood Spade Drill Bits?

If you’re looking for a high quality wood spade bit and you don’t want to pay an absurd amount, you can choose to trust us here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd.

We’ve been the top and the most sought after wood spade drill bits manufacturer in China! We’re so popular that businesses and manufacturers from other countries trust us for their stocks!

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. can offer short and long wood spade bits, titanium or black oxide coated bits – even tri-point and center point wood spade bits!

Whatever kind of wood spade bit you need, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is here and is ready to help!

  • All our wood spade drill bits are heat treated (high strength level and durability)
  • Our wood spade bits are versatile – you can use it on a wide variety of wood types
  • We have wood spade drill bits that are adjustable and compatible with almost all hole sizes
  • All our wood spade bits are made from high carbon steel – supreme quality!
  • And many more!

Work With the Best Wood Spade Bit Manufacturer Today!

If you can’t find the wood spade bit manufacturer that can bring your business success, contact us now!

We here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. promise to respond within 12 hours from the time of confirmation.

Give yourself a chance and experience working with China’s number one wood spade drill bit supplier!


Wood Spade Bit Using

  • Wood Spade Bit drill hole is very fast.
  • The price of wood spade bit is cheaper than other wood drill bits.
  • Wood Spade Bit has a flat with two sharp lips.

Features and Advantages of Tenyu Tools’ Wood Spade Bits

Some of the most notable features and advantages of our wood spade bits include:

Features and Advantages of Our Wood Spade Bits
We’ll deliver the wood spade drill bits you specifically need!


Where Can You Apply Our Wood Spade Drill Bits?

Tenyu Tools’ wood spade drill bits are perfect if you ought to create a large-diameter hole.

Applications of Our Wood Spade Bits
You can use our wood spade drill bits to create large-diameter holes on different types of wood

You can use it on tree bark, plywood, hardwood, maple, and many other types of wood!

You can do business with us even if your business does not involve woodworking. In fact, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of wood spade bits.

Hardware stores, parts stores, and specialized tools and accessories stores consider us as their go-to partner for all the wood spade drill bits they need.

Tenyu Tools’ Capabilities and Business Advantages

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. would never be deemed as the best if it weren’t for the efforts of our staff.

spade drill bits Tenyu Tools' Capabilities and Business Advantages
We manufacture all our drill bits carefully and study them thoroughly


We’ve been ISO certified; we’ve gotten a ton of licenses and certificates – and our products are all globally accepted.

Our company is in partnership with trusted and reliable raw material manufacturers in and around China.

Wood Spade Bit – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Wood spade bits are among the most flexible and the most versatile tools for woodworking.

Finding the best one in the market is one thing; but locating a wood spade bit manufacturer you can trust is another.

Today, we’ll not only be talking about what a wood spade bit is. In fact, we will also help you find the best suppliers of spade bit for wood in the market.

Without further ado, let’s get onto our guide about wood spade drill bits!

What is a Wood Spade Bit?

From its term alone, you already know what it’s for.

What is a Wood Spade Bit_
An image of what a wood spade bit looks like

A wood spade bit is a tool that woodworkers use. It’s not like a regular drill bit that has spirals; in fact, it’s thin and it’s flat with two (2) lips that are sharp; those are what’s used for cutting.

One of the most common uses of wood spade bits is for wood boring. Because of its shape, they tend to create larger holes.

What is a Wood Spade Bit Set?

A wood spade bit set is a set of wood spade bits that you can purchase as a whole.

What is a Wood Spade Bit Drill Set_
This is an example of a wood spade drill bit set

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the same as purchasing in bulk; why? – Because a wood spade bit set are purchased as one and differ in sizes.

Their purpose is to be able to accommodate a wide range of projects, producing varying sizes of holes.

Can You Use a Wood Spade Bit on Drywall?

 Yes, you can use wood spade bits to work on drywall, or also known as gypsum boards.

Can a Wood Spade Bit Work on Drywall_
You can efficiently and effectively use a wood spade on drywall


However, you’d have to set the power drill drive to work on it slower and at better pace than doing it fast and swiftly.

It’s not the most recommended to use it to work on drywall, though.

Is it Advisable to Use Spade Bit For Wood on Plastic?

No, spade bits that are meant for wood aren’t’ advisable to be used on plastics and PVCs.

Can You Use a Wood Spade Bit on Plastic_
A wood spade bit being used to cut through a PVC pipe


Because of their design and structure, using them for PVCs and plastics could be challenging.

However, you can use them if the situation requires it. You just have to be more careful and more observant of the current status during the drilling procedure.

How Do You Use a Wood Spade Bit?

How Do You Use a Wood Spade Bit
An image of a clip teaching people how to use the wood spade bit

While the procedure on using wood spade bits isn’t far from how you use regular drill bits, there are certain things to remember.

  1. Prepare your power drill drive, cordless drills work as good too
  2. Attach and mount the wood spade bit on the end of the drill
  3. If you’re drilling two (2) sizes, start with the big size but don’t go too deep; then, mount and attach the smaller bit and make sure it goes through the center
  4. Make sure that the bit is directly perpendicular to the workpiece you’re working on; having angles can result to inconsistency of the hole you’re producing
  5. Don’t put too much pressure while drilling, unlike how you would do it with a regular drill
  6. After you use the wood spade bit, make sure that you clean it; rid it off of all the dirt, dust, and other fragments that could have accumulated in the process
  7. Store it in a location where it wouldn’t be mixed up with other materials that could scratch and damage it

That’s the usual process in using a wood spade bit. As you can see, it’s not really that different on how you’d use a normal drill bit.

Wood Spade Bit vs. Hole Saw

While they’re both used to bore holes on wood, there are situations where using one is better than the other.

Wood Spade Bit vs. Hole Saws
An example of a hole saw

Hole saws are effective if the project you’ll be working on is all the way.

What that means is that hole saws would not produce chips when you use them; they’re going to cut a circular plug.

  • Cleaner finishes and results
  • No splintering of the wood or the workpiece
  • Can be used for other materials, too such as tiles – even masonry
  • They’re sharp and efficient

Wood spade bits, on the other hand, are exclusive tools for woodworking. The main advantage of using spade bits is the speed – no matter how thick or thin a certain material is, if you’re looking for a fast job, choosing spade bit is what you need.

  • You’ll be able to drill deep holes using wood spade bits
  • Uses high torque, which allows you to drill through wood easier and more convenient
  • It has sharp points, acting as a guide for faster cutting and material removal

Those are the main differences of hole saws and wood spade drill bits that you’ll definitely see.

The Best Tips on How to Use a Wood Spade Bit

Using wood spade bits isn’t that difficult; in fact, the process on how you’d use it isn’t far from how you’d use a regular drill.

Best Tips on Using a Wood Spade Bit
Attach a wood spade bit on a drill because it’s not advisable to function on slow speeds


Don’t Drill Slow Speeds

Probably the common mistake that people make in using wood spade bits is using it slowly.

But, using it slowly at the start to position the hole you’ll create is correct. You’ll have to build the speed up when the hole is created to produce smoother and cleaner edged.

Drilling at slow speeds can result to poor quality of the hole, and quite possibly, inconsistency.

Using Dull Bits

Another thing that most people tend to forget is to sharpen their wood spade bits.

Your wood spade bits need to be at its sharpest to cut efficiently and effectively. Using it while it’s dull will give you inaccurate dimensions on the hole or the bore.

Clamping a Backboard

Lastly, to avoid splintering, you need to have a backboard clamped onto the backside of the workpiece during drilling.

You can also attach or clamp a backboard halfway through the workpiece ‘til the pilot point penetrates the wood; then, you’d have to reverse the board and finish the hole by drilling from the back.

These are the most common tips you can do to appropriately utilize spade bits for woodworking.

Can You Sharpen a Wood Spade Bit?

Yes, you can sharpen spade bits to keep them efficient and effective.

Can You Sharpen a Wood Spade Bit_
An image of how you can sharpen a wood spade bit


Compared to other types of drill bits, wood spade bits actually are the easiest and the most convenient to sharpen.

There are a few approaches on how you can sharpen wood spade bits. It will be depending on what tools you have available.

You can sharpen it using a file, a grinder, and other sharpening tools. But, the most common and the most effective way is via a bench grinder.

This is the process on how you can sharpen wood spade bits via bench grinders:

  1. Grind the spurs of the spade and sharpen the lips
  2. Sharpen and grind the center point by carefully putting it against the grinder
  3. Make sure that everything is equal and consistent
  4. There you have it! Your wood spade bit is now ready

Is a Forstner Bit the Same as a Wood Spade Bit?

While many people, even those that have relevant experience in woodworking think that wood spade bits and forstner bits are the same, they’re not.

Forstner Bits Drilling
An image of what a forstner bit looks like


As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to tell the differences just by looking at them.

Here’s a quick comparison of these two (2) woodworking bits:

Design and Structure

When it comes to the design and the shape of the bit, forstner bits usually have a circular and a round shape. They also have split ring designs with the cutter forming the ring.

Wood spade bits, from its term alone, are drill bits that look like a spade. They’re flat and the design contains sharp lips with a pointed tip made specifically for guidance.

Cutting Quality

Wood spade bits are known for their ability to cut and remove material quickly; they’re not popular for the cleanliness of their cuts.

In cutting quality and cleanliness, forstner bits are the most ideal; they can produce the cleanest cuts.

Wood spade bits, on the other hand, produce rough edges; they’re not for decorative cutting, instead, they’re for utility.


Cutting Speed

Nothing beats wood spade bits when it comes to the speed of cutting. Because of the large cutting surface of forstner bits, they tend to produce results longer.

Wood spade bits have less surface area, allowing the cutting to be fast, quick, and urgent.

Size Availability

Both of them have wide ranges of available sizes, but in different applications. Forstner bits are usually large in diameter, spanning from 10 to 90mm; giving the reason for them to be effective in large-hole boring and drilling.

Spade bits, on the other end of the rope, are available in smaller sizes. The most typical range they can be in range between 6 to 36 mm.

When measuring, the “mm” is determined via the flat blade’s length.

Cost and Price

If you’re on a tight budget and you want to get the work done urgently, going with wood spade bits is the best option to take.

Forstner bits, because of the quality of the cut, are deemed to be more expensive and more costly.

More often than not, forstner bits are the bits you can use in a wide variety of materials and applications.

Although some are still subtle differences, you’ll easily be able to notice which is which by looking at them.

Can You Trust a Chinese Wood Spade Bit Manufacturer?

Yes, there are a lot of Chinese wood spade bit manufacturers you can trust in the market.

In fact, Chinese manufacturers are more trusted by businesses and companies globally.

They’ve left a mark in the industry that they’ll be able to produce high-quality wood spade bits and materials at the lowest and the most competitive costs.

Is it Better to Purchase Wood Spade Bits Wholesale Than Retail?

It will depend on the business you’re looking to do and achieve.

Is it Better to Purchase Wholesale Wood Spade Drill Bits_
You can purchase spade bits for wood in bulk or in wholesale

But, if you’re looking for a wood spade bit manufacturer, chances are, you’ll need hundreds – even thousands of it on a daily basis.

In this regard, it’ll be better and more economical for you to purchase wood spade bits in bulk.

Advantages of Buying Wood Spade Bits From a Chinese Wholesaler

There are a lot of advantages in buying wholesale wood spade bits, some of which include.

Lower Pricing With More Discounts

The primary advantage and benefit of purchasing wood spade drill bits in wholesale is that you can get it for a low and discounted rate.

You can expect to pay for your orders in the cheapest and the most affordable rates!

Product Availability

If you buy in bulk, you wouldn’t have to worry and think about the availability of products; you will get them in large quantities!

Unlimited Supply

Well, not really unlimited, but you can expect that you wouldn’t run out of stock.

Purchasing wholesale is like giving you time to prepare in the event that you run out of supplies.

Which Wood Spade Bit Manufacturer Can You Trust?

Out of all the wood spade drill bit suppliers in the market, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. remains to be the most trusted and the best manufacturer in China.

Having amassed thousands of clients in a span of more than a decade, you can be sure that you will be able to trust us and our line of products.

We can deliver high quality products that you can always count on for your business.

Why Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is Your Best Option For Wood Spade Bits?

For more than 12 years, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. has given clients the peace of mind they needed whenever they’re in need of wood spade bits and other power tools and accessories.

  • We are ISO 9001 certified
  • We have certificates, licenses, and we are a globally-accepted and recognized brand
  • We can produce and manufacture custom wood spade drill bits

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is a company that can help you from the pre-sales phase of the process, up until the aftersales! Our team is dedicated to helping you with whatever you need!

Reach out to us and get a free quotation of the wood spade bit orders you need! Expect world-class quality wood spade drill bits at the best and the most competitive prices!

Contact us now and work with the best wood spade drill bit manufacturing company in the whole of China!


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