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Tenyu Tools: Your Premier HSS Hole Saw Supplier

Tenyu Tools Offer Industrial Quality HSS Hole Saw

HSS hole saws are hole cutters that create holes without cutting the core material.

It is made of high-speed steel, a superior type of carbon steel.

This type of hole saw can remarkably create holes of wide diameter.

If you need an above standard size of holes,  an HSS hole saw is the best choice.

It makes drilling large holes faster and more efficient, leaving the material damage-free.


The HSS hole saw is flexible and durable, cutting out plugs of work surfaces as it passes through.

This circular saw blade attachment has two ends.

  • The cutting edge displays serrated teeth.

The teeth do the boring or cutting of metals and other materials.

  • The mounting edge is the part that connects with the arbor.

The arbor serves as the base and grips the pilot drill bit.

The two edges are soldered to the main body.

There are 2 to 6 slots along the cylindrical body of the HSS hole saw.

The numbers depend on the structure or the manufacturer of the product.

Their main purpose is to allow the easy escape of dust and chips during the drilling process.

Product Applications

HSS hole saw is generally made to bore holes in metals, particularly aluminum and brass.

The impressive quality of high-speed steel makes cutting these materials a breeze.

It is also suitable for a variety of applications.

You can also choose to use a bi-metal HSS hole saw for multiple types of jobs.

It also works excellently with wood-based materials, plastic, cast iron, and copper.

HSS hole saw is the right choice for:

  • Hole drilling for cable and wiring routing
  • Ceiling cutouts for fittings and adding light fixtures
  • Masonry for ventilation and waste removal improvement
  • Hardware fitting to sinks, baths, and worktops
  • Installation of cabinet and door hardware
  • Woodworking
  • DIY projects
  • General joinery

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HSS Hole Saw —The Complete FAQ Guide

When it comes to drilling larger holes, the HSS hole saw is a perfect choice.

It is a special type of drill bit or hole cutter that is designed to create a circular hole of wide diameter.

Above the standard diameter size, you need a cutting edge HSS hole saw to get the job done.

A top-quality hole saw makes the drilling of large diameter holes more efficient and faster.

It is vital to consider the length of the HSS hole saw to suit the application.

Having the right kind of hole saw for the application is the key to professional, clean holes.

Some models and manufacturers have their own length standard, so always check before buying.

Here’s a detailed guide about the hole saw.

It provides information about the HSS hole saw and its uses, features, applications, and more.

So, before rushing ahead to buy in the nearest hardware or purchasing online, read this ultimate guide.

It makes the selection easier and more fun because you are familiar with the product you want.

What is an HSS Hole Saw?

A high-speed steel or HSS hole saw is a cylindrical cup-like saw blade attachment for a power drill.

It has a serrated edge for cutting different sizes of holes in different materials.

The HSS hole saw is joined to the soft spring steel, giving it a durable cutting edge.

The spring also allows a flexible backing motion, making the hole saw absorb the drilling impact.

The high-speed steel material on the outer edge of this hole saw offers resistance properties.

The HSS hole saw can produce clean and accurate holes in alloy and steel sheets.

Depending on the manufacturer, the HSS hole saw cuts up to 2 mm in thickness.

It is ideal for specialized professional tasks like electrical installation.

HSS hole saw is more durable and harder compared to a high-carbon steel hole saw.

When fitted to a power drill, the HSS hole saw rotates at high speed into the material.

It cuts out plugs of material as it passes through metal, plastic, wood, brick, and more.

What are the Basic Parts of an HSS Hole Saw?

The most common style of hole saw features a shank at one end and an open cutting edge on the other end.

It usually features 3 parts- body, arbor, and drill bit.

Main body

The cutting edge and the mounting edge of the HSS hole saw are soldered to the main body.

At one end is the large cutter with sharp saw teeth.

The teeth are constructed with a constant or variable pitch.

There are also slots in the walls of the cylindrical body.

  • Teeth

The serrated teeth are usually set at 60 degrees angle.

The design allows the HSS hole saw to “bite” into the workpiece that you are cutting.

  • Pitch

The pitch is the distance between the two teeth of the saw blade.

It is considered a variable when the distance varies and the set-up becomes irregular.

A variable pitch breaks the sawing rhythms and lessens the harmonic vibrations.

A constant pitch happens when the distance of two points from each other remains the same.

Take note that blades with a constant pitch cut slower, but make smoother, finer cuts.

  • Slots

The main purpose of slots in the wall allows dust and chips to escape more easily.

There is nothing more irritating than dust clogging the cutting edge.

The number of slots depends on the model or structure of the HSS hole saw.

Usually, the most common slots are 2 to 6.

More than these amounts can compromise the strength of your HSS hole saw.


To cut holes with an HSS hole saw, you need an arbor or pilot bit to help fit into the drill.

It can be built-in or removable, depending on the model and manufacturer.

An arbor or a mandrel is the spindle-like tool that grips moving tool components.

It is designed to connect your HSS hole saw to the drill chuck or hold the pilot bit.

This essential shaft supports the rotating parts and serves as the base of the hole saw.

The HSS hole saw needs to be mounted on the arbor to do its purpose.

It is done via the other end of the circular blade.

Arbors are used in various applications and in combination with a lot of tools.

They are constructed from combined hardened steel and alloy steel.

These premium materials give the HSS hole saw durability, flexibility, and long life.

Pilot drill bit

Some HSS hole saw hole saws feature a built-in or replaceable pilot bit through the hollow core.

This protruding drill bit helps in aligning and steering the cutting tool while descending through the material.

It comes in handy and eliminates drilling a preliminary pilot hole before you create the main cuts.

The pilot bit for locating holes is usually a short and stiff center bit.

It is used to drill a portion of the hole or the full extent of the final depth.

A pilot hole reduces breakage risk and the needed power.

For a larger pilot hole, it is done by successive drilling.

Why Choose an HSS Hole Saw?

High-speed steel is a superior type of mild steel.

It actually gets its name because of its ability to cut faster while retaining the sharp edges.

It is a high-carbon steel sub-category that is perfect for creating cutting tools and drill bits.

This type of steel is known for its ability to withstand higher temperatures.

It does not lose its hardness or temper during long periods or extreme cutting conditions.

Moreover, you will be amazed by its ability to resist abrasion and deformation.

All these impressive qualities make your HSS hole saw a valuable investment.

Where Do You Use the HSS Hole Saw?

HSS hole saw is perfect for metal cutting, in particular brass and aluminum.

This type of hole saw uses two different kinds of steel joined together by soft spring steel.

It cuts quicker and smoother due to variable pitched teeth that reduce the vibration significantly.

During the cutting operation, you need to use the correct revolutions per minute RPM.

This will deliver your desired results and greater work productivity.

Your HSS hole saw is also suitable for boring holes in plastics and other materials.

  • In steel, it cuts up to 2.5 millimeters deep.
  • In plastic, gypsum, and lightweight panels, it cuts up to 5.0 millimeters deep.

A quality HSS hole saw of this kind can cut through a wide range of materials such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • steel
  • Cast iron
  • copper
  • plastic
  • Wood-based items

Generally, it works  for the following:

  • Drilling holes for wiring runs and cable routing
  • Fitting taps and hardware to worktops, baths, and sinks
  • Creating ceiling cutouts for light fixtures and fittings
  • Fitting drainage pipes and conduit runs through the walls or kitchen units
  • Boring through masonry to improve waste removal or ventilation process
  • Installing door and cabinet hardware
  • Woodworking, general joinery, and DIY projects

What are the Types of HSS Hole Saw?

  • Hole saw for metal

This cutter for sheet metals is extra robust and withstand higher temperatures and friction.

  • Hole saw for wood

A bi-metal, universal, or multi-purpose hole saw gets the job done for sheet wood and timber.

  • Hole saw for concrete

Masonry hole saws usually have more widely-spaced teeth for easy removal of material.

For a variety of applications, you can look for a bi-metal HSS hole saw.

It suits not only metal cutting but also wood processing.

This enhanced version is made of two premium metals.

  • The main body is typically made of specialized flexible steel.
  • The teeth are made of either high-speed steel (HSS) or  HSSE-Co 8 (8% cobalt).

The best-known bi-metal hole saw uses a high-amount of cobalt content.

This sustains the sharpness of the cutting edge during high operating temperatures.

The bimetallic structure of an HSS hole saw makes it last longer and perform better.

While the teeth are both welded to the body, bi-metal hole saws come in two toothings:

  • HSS hole saw with varied toothing
  • HSSE-Co 8 with fine toothing

Both teeth constructions deliver smooth performance and prevent the materials from getting caught.

The greater number of teeth results in cleaner, more precise cuts.

How Do You Classify the HSS Hole Saw?

HSS hole saw can be classified into two types:

  • HSS hole saw without collar

The absence of a stopper allows you to create a deeper cut or a through-hole work.

It offers outstanding usability and delivers an efficient 38 mm plate thickness.

This HSS hole saw suits a standard electric and impact power drill.

It is not applicable to drilling machines.

It can be used in a wide range of materials from wood to PVC and iron plates.

When using it, always take precautions by chucking the shank’s 3-face section securely.

This is to prevent it from falling or swinging.

It is also important to avoid reducing the rotation speed excessively during the drilling.

Doing so will cause cracking of the tip or jamming.

Also, avoid hitting it against a hard material or workpiece to avoid cracking the tip.

  • Cordless HSS hole saw

The most effective length of this type of HSS hole saw is 12 mm.

Its blade part, which is the cutting edge, uses high-grade steel.

This cordless hole saw can effectively reduce cutting resistance to the minimum level.

One full charge delivers more holes, reducing power consumption.

It works best with the compact electric drill with a power consumption of 400 Watts or less.

It is also compatible with the rechargeable drill with 1000 rpm and 50 N-m rotary torque.

Don’t use it with hammer drills, percussion drills, impact wrenches, and drilling machines.

When using a cordless HSS hole saw, make sure to use appropriate electric drills.

Avoid touching the drilled surface, the hole saw, or the shavings with your hand.

The drilling friction makes them hot, so avoid touching the hole saw, the shavings, or the drilled surface.

How to Select the Best HSS Hole Saw?

The key to finding a high-quality and durable HSS hole saw is to study its construction.

It should be made of premium materials, have a robust look, and deliver accurate, tidy output.

Most available hole cutters have common traits, so you need to be careful about the specifics.

The overall shape and tooth design are significant factors that determine its uses.

When choosing, remember the following:

  • The cylindrical walls of quality HSS hole saw are deliberately made thin.

This is to reduce friction between the material surface and the teeth.

By making the walls thinner than the internal diameter, it uses less force to break through the materials.

It also places less strain on the motor of the power drill, making it useful for multiple applications.

  • The rated width of the HSS hole saw you pick will determine the diameter of the holes.

Buying a deeper hole saw bit gives clean circular cuts to thick work materials.

Check out the different options available to find a suitable cutter for your needs

HSS hole saw can be purchased at varying diameters, depths, and lengths.

  • Some hole saws come pre-packaged with pilot drill bits or arbors.

Buying an HSS hole saw kit will give you a complete set and a bit of savings.

What are the Necessary Precautions When Using the HSS Hole Saw?

First and foremost, you need to read the user instructions of the HSS hole saw.

Here are the basic tips you need to know:

  • Prepare your working environment, making sure that everything is in order.
  • Wear suitable working clothes, including eye protection and durable gloves.
  • Make sure to turn off the tool’s main switch before attaching or detaching the HSS hole saw.
  • Always apply steady, light pressure when cutting.
  • Follow the recommended table of drilling speed.
  • Make sure that your HSS hole saw is sharp to ensure less load on the tool.
  • Lift the hole saw frequently to increase the airflow and clear away the swarf or chip.
  • Use a center punch to mark the center point of the HSS hole saw accurately.
  • Use prescribed cutting fluid or cooling agent when cutting a metal material, except for iron and brass.
  • When cutting ceramic tiles, always scratch the tile surface to center it in the right location.
  • Avoid pendulum motions while drilling.
  • Never use the HSS hole saw for percussion-drill operations.
  • Disconnect the plug of the power supply after use.

How to Maximize the Functions of Your HSS Hole Saw?

Proper usage of your HSS hole saw correctly will lengthen its life and increase work productivity.

It is important that you are using a good quality power tool to complete the job.

This will help you maximize your tool attachment and prevent future issues.

It begins with the right choice.

  • Use the correct HSS hole saw.

To produce the holes you need for the application, use the right hole saw for your material.

For metal-cutting, you need to have a lubricant or cutting oil nearby to keep the operation smooth.

  • Select the right arbor.

If you are using a removable arbor for your HSS hole saw, find the correct arbor for a perfect fit.

There are two kinds of arbor:

  • 14mm to 30mm for small hole saws
  • 32mm to 210mm for large hole saws

It is wise to keep arbors that fit a ½ inch or ⅜ inch chuck of power drills.

  • Start slowly and increase your speed gradually.

You need to hold your power drill tightly.

Then squeeze the designated trigger to start the spinning motion of the HSS hole saw.

Add moderate pressure and start pushing into the workpiece, keeping the right saw level.

From time to time, slow your power tool down by backing it out of the hole.

During this time, clear accumulated chippings and dust to keep the cutting edge cool.

  • Cut through from the opposite side of the material.

The best way to produce splinter-free smooth holes is to cut from the other side, if possible.

  • Remove the hole saw.

Always remove the HSS hole saw after completing the drilling operation through the work material.

  • Clean the slug.

Removing the slug of waste materials from your HSS hole saw will keep it in the best condition.

How to Prepare Your HSS Hole Saw for Various Applications?

Proper installation of HSS hole saw will lengthen its life and increase work productivity.

Here are the easy-to-follow steps to prepare your hole saw:

Step 1: Insert the arbor into your power tool.

When inserting an arbor through the back area of the HSS hole saw, make sure that the grip is firm.

This prevents possible movements that can cause harm or issues while using the power drill.

Step 2: Attach the hole saw.

Now, you have to screw the hole saw to the arbor’s thread tightly.

If you are using an adjustable drill bit, it should protrude past the teeth by ⅜ inch.

It will ensure that you can easily bore the pilot hole before the final cut.

Step 3: Tighten your hole saw attachment.

Using a  spanner, carefully tighten your HSS hole saw into the arbor.

It will eliminate accidental unscrewing and loosening of the hole saw from the power drill.

The unnecessary movements of the hole saw during the operation can damage the work material.

Step 4: Insert the arbor into the chuck properly.

You need to insert the mounting end of the arbor in the chuck of your power drill.

Tighten the chuck slowly and firmly until the arbor is securely fastened.

You may need a corded power drill or an 18-volt battery-powered cordless drill.

Anything less than 18 volts will not deliver the necessary torque that bores your desired output.

Step 5: Drilling the pilot hole.

A pilot hole serves as your guide to ensure that your HSS hole saw is centered and straight.

If you have a free-standing, secure it first to prevent the hole saw from spinning it.

When drilling holes, always keep your drill bit level and square your workpiece.

Step 6: Align the drill bit in your pilot hole.

The easiest way to align it is by placing the tip of the arbor into the pilot hole.

This keeps the drill bit from wandering or moving away from the location.

Make sure that the HSS hole saw’s teeth contact the material evenly during the drilling.

Adding a few drops of prescribed cutting oil to the blade will sustain smooth performance.

Where to Find High-Quality HSS Hole Saw?

Having the upper hand in the retail and distribution business is the key to successful marketing.

It all begins in forging a tie with a trusted and dependable HSS hole saw manufacturers or suppliers.

One name that stands out in the manufacturing industry is Tenyu Tools.

This China-based producer of premium power tool accessories and attachments is your best option.

You can easily have a steady supply of premium quality and durable HSS hole saw and other items.

Tenyu Tools deliver fast and offers customization of products you want to sell.

You get to choose from a wide range of items at very affordable packages for distributors like you.

All products are made from premium materials and manufactured in Tenyu Tool’s modern and state-of-the-art factories.

Why Partnering with Tenyu Tools is Advantageous?

Tenyu Tools has a solid customer base in North America, Eastern Europe, and  Northern Europe.

It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the manufacturing of tools and accessories industry.

Their stellar record makes Tenyu Tools the best partner when you want to import high-quality HSS hole saws.

Every product they produce is engineered with precision and comes with a fair warranty.

They handle bulk orders and offer huge discounts for their loyal customers.

So, why be left behind in the race of business when you can have the best products to offer?

It is time to level up your game in the business world and enjoy lucrative profits.

Call Tenyu Tools now and inquire about their products.

If you have other concerns and questions about the HSS hole saw, feel free to call Tenyu Tools.

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