Damaged Screw Remover HSS4341

Hot Sale 4Pcs HSS4341 Speed Out Broken Damaged Screw Extractor and Remover for Screw Bolt Stud Remover
Material : HSS 4341
Extractor / Screw Size: #1(3-5mm), #2(4-8mm), #3(5-10mm), #4(6-14mm)
Flute Type: Double Ended Left Hand Spiral Flute
Surface Finish: Sand Blasted
Package: 4 Pieces Packed in One Plastic Box

1.Screw extractor works on damaged screws and broken bolts from as small as No. 4 screws to as large as a 3 8” bolt.

Quickly and easily removes most damaged screws such as hex, Phillips, torx, and square drive. 2 step drill bit and extractor in 1 tool. Professional grade multipurpose extractors are compatible with 1 4” hex shank.
2.Spiral flutes are designed to embed themselves deeper into the metal as you turn the tool, so as the fastener resistance increases, the extractor’s grip increases.
3.Made of durable hardened steel and tempered twice for extra hardness, promising you a long-lasting screw extractor tool of rugged material and outstanding performance.
4.A few seconds,2 simple steps get jobs done! Use a suitable size remover to drill a deep hole in the screw head and

then reverse the screwdriver counterclockwise into the damaged screw until it is released.
5.A must-have tool for carpenters, handymen, contractors, construction workers, or DIY enthusiasts alike! Get rid of

stripped, obnoxious screws in seconds! Even the most rusted, worn-down, and embedded screws are no match for this handy remover kit.

6.Aggressive left-hand spiral design for extra gripping power.

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