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Cobalt Drill Bits drill speed is much higher than hss drill bit.

  • Cobalt Drill Bits can drill under the high temperatures without cooling, it can drill through hard materials.
  • It have long lifetime and corrosion resistant.

Are You looking for Cobalt Drill Bits to Increase Your Business?

A cobalt drill bit is your best option.

  • It easily cuts through the hardened steel, titanium, aluminum, bronze, and cast iron.
  • This type of drill bit is made to last and delivers an ultimate drill experience.
  • It is designed to eliminate overheating when in contact with other metals.
  • There are 4 types of cobalt drill bits- twist, countersink, counterbore, and cobalt step.
  • Each of them serves a specific purpose and application.
  • You need the right bits for the kind of material you have.
Features and Advantages
  • The cobalt drill bits’ capacity to bore through the toughest materials is truly remarkable.
  • They are made from a reinforced alloy of combined cobalt and steel.
  • Coated with metal oxide, cobalt bits are heat-resistant and durable.
  • Some drill bits have a gold oxide finish that acts as a lubricant.
  • The coating helps the bits withstand the extreme friction during prolonged drilling.
The above advantages can make your business more prosperous!


Company Capabilities

  • With a wide range of power tool accessories that include cobalt drill bits, Tenyu Tools is the company to trust.
  • They manufacture high-quality cobalt drill bits that suit different drilling applications.
  • Tenyu Tools has available cobalt drill bits for sale and caters to the needs of importers or wholesalers.
  • With affordable prices and fast delivery service, Tenyu Tools is considered one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China.
  • They serve clients in Northern and Eastern Europe, North America, part of Asia and Africa, and domestic markets.

Company Business Advantage

  • Tenyu Tools have modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to produce premium products.
  • They are certified and authorized to manufacture, distribute, and supply power tool accessories globally.
  • In manufacturing cobalt drill bits, they use commercial-grade reinforced alloy and specialized processes.
  • They follow strict safety and health protocols during the production, packing, and delivering Tenyu Tools products.
  • All items have passed quality tests and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Tenyu cobalt drilling bits are very competitive in terms of pricing, quality, and marketing.

So, you can grow your own distributorship business when you choose Tenyu Tools as your partner-supplier.


Cobalt Drill Bit: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When it comes to drilling, finding the right power tool accessories is very crucial.

And since not all cobalt drill bits are made equal, you need to be aware of their best features.

Knowing what to look for will eliminate the hassle of picking the wrong bits.

This is your ultimate guide for selecting a high-quality cobalt drill bit.

It covers everything that you need to know such as types of drill bits, design, benefits, uses, cost, and care methods.

So, before you head out to find the best cobalt drill bit, check this out.

How many benefits you get from cobalt drill bits:

  • Durability

The higher the amount of cobalt in the drill bits, the greater is their heat resistance.

If you want sturdier and high-performing bits, M42-grade will give you satisfaction.

It has 8% cobalt content that makes the alloy material extremely durable.

Another option is M35-grade, which has about 5% cobalt value.

Cobalt drill bits can handle up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit or 593 degrees Celsius without breaking.

  • Versatility

There are different sizes of cobalt drill bits such as 1/16, 5/8, 3/8, and so on.

Cobalt drill bit manufacturers like Tenyu Tools offer different types and sizes.

For a variety of applications, get a whole set of cobalt drill bits in various sizes.

You can find cobalt drill bits for sale in sets of 9, 12, 14, 18, 21, and more.

It gives you easy access to different kinds of bits that will make the drilling tasks easier.

Take note that shorter drill bits are more durable because of firmer and more compact structure.

If you want to get the job done on schedule, using short drill bits is your best option.

They are tougher, more rigid, and not prone to damage.

  • Saves time and increases productivity

Matching the right bit to your substrate material ensures a perfect diameter or hole.

The right choice increases your productivity level and saves time.

Moreover, using the appropriate size extends the lifespan of your cobalt bits.

From plastic to metal materials, you need to find drill bits that are designed for them.

This prevents breaking the material or the drill bit, as well as injuring yourself.

For masonry materials, cobalt drill bits are not applicable.

  • Long-lasting

Cobalt drill bits are smart investments because they are cost-saving in the long run.

Initially, they cost more but last longer than conventional options.

You are spared the constant hassle of replacing them.

You can use a bench grinder to restore their sharp edges.

What Are Cobalt Drill Bits?

A cobalt drill bit is made of 5-8% Cobalt that is blended to a base material like steel.

The 5% alloy is called M35 grade, while 8% alloy is M42.

Alone, cobalt is a weak material and deteriorates easily.

It needs another material to become functional and durable.

Relatively, cobalt enhances the strength of steel and makes the alloys more heat-resistant.

It has a boiling point of 2927 degrees Celsius and a melting point of 1495 degrees Celsius.

Fun fact: Cobalt has a silver-gray, almost blue color.

This makes cobalt a popular addition to add color to jewelry, porcelain, tile, enamel, glass, and pottery.

Why Choose Cobalt Drill Bits?

Do you know that cobalt was discovered in 1739 by a Swedish chemist Georg Brandt?

It is a byproduct of mining and refining iron, copper, silver, nickel, and lead.

Today, this metal element is mostly used as a metal to form alloys.

  • Stellite alloys contain cobalt, tungsten, and chromium.

They are used to make high-speed cutting tools and dyes.

  • Alnico alloy is made of cobalt, nickel, and aluminum.

They are used to make permanent magnets.

  • Other alloys with cobalt are used to make gas turbines, jet engines, magnetic steels, and stainless steels.

The combination of alloy or metal and a small amount of cobalt produce incredible and reliable products. 

Where Applications for Cobalt Drill Bits Products?

Cobalt drill bits suit almost all brands of handheld drill guns, machining centers, or lathes.

They are mainly used for metal and abrasive materials.

You can also use them for wood and other softer materials, but the risk of breaking the surface is there.

So, better stick to where they function excellently.

A drill bit set with a variety of bits helps you complete a variety of metal drilling.

Cobalt drill bits help you create holes through titanium, cast iron, or stainless steel

Their high-performance structure makes drilling fast and effortless.

They greatly improve the functionality of power tools.

The kind of task or expected output will determine the type or size of drill bits you need.

  • Drilling at shallow depths requires a step bit.
  • For countersink holes, you need a twist bit to create an initial hole, then a countersink drill bit will do the rest.
  • Recessed holes require a counterbore drill bit.
  • For general purposes, keep the twist bits handy.

Why Are Cobalt Drill Bits Preferred By Many Users?

Cobalt drill bit manufacturers like Tenyu Tools use special formulation and process to make premium drill bits.

Reinforced steel and cobalt bits are very strong and can withstand extreme drilling temperatures.

The friction between metal generates a very high temperature that can damage the drill bit or material.

If you are using tough or metal materials, cobalt drill bits are your perfect choice.

  • They can operate at much higher speeds which greatly increase your productivity.
  • They can cut through metals with ease.

What Are the Cutting Edge of Cobalt Drill Bits?

Cobalt drill bits are designed to drill extremely hard, abrasive materials.

They are not built for general or multi-purpose.

The cutting edge of cobalt drill bits brings the following advantages:

  • High-performance

They can bore through tough and compact materials without difficulty.

These include hardened materials like cast iron, titanium, treated stainless steel, and bronze.

You can also cut through weld seams efficiently.

Cobalt bits can spin against hard metal material without being damaged.

  • Long-lasting

Compared to standard HSS bits, cobalt drill bits last longer.

They retain their good working condition even if you store them for a while.

Cobalt drill bits are corrosion-resistant.

They are also built to withstand the wear and tear of constant usage.

However, you need to observe proper drilling techniques to improve the lifespan of drill bits.

High-quality cobalt bits do not dull quickly and can be sharpened to extend their use.

  • Safe to use

Tenyu Tools cobalt drill bits passed the strict standards of safety.

They went through the required tests of industrial, commercial, and household applications.

Every drill bit is made with precision and quality.

  • Versatile

Cobalt drill bits are very versatile and ideal for household or do-it-yourself projects.

They easily fit any standard drill gun.

You can check Tenyu Tools cobalt drill bits for sale from our trusted wholesalers and importers.

But remember that you cannot use them to drill softer materials.

They can split wood due to lack of brad at the end that stops them from slipping.

Are You Familiar With the Different Types of Cobalt Drill Bits?

To serve specific purposes, cobalt drill bits are classified into four types:

  1.    Twist bits

The twist drill bits are very popular because they can drill almost all kinds of materials.

They come in various sizes to suit different drilling applications.

Twill drill bits feature angled grooves with sharp edges that spiral around the shaft of the drill.

The design allows the bits to burrow easily into the materials.

To increase heat resistance, twist drill bits are coated with a metal oxide.

You can use them with a variety of power tools.

  1.    Counterbore bits

Counterbored holes form a flat ridge that hides the head of the fastener.

These drill bits drill large holes at shallower depths.

They feature a tiny hole in the center of the flat bottom that helps you cut any kind of surface.

  1.    Countersink bits

These drill bits create shallow holes that let the fastener’s head to sit flush with metal materials.

They have a tapered fastener head that ensures stability when you installed them on power tools.

With countersink drill bits, you can drill without spinning or twisting.

But, you need a small middle hole and a pilot hole to bore the drill into the material.

  1.    Cobalt Step bits

This type of drill bit has a high-drilling capacity that forms holes into metal sheets.

It is ideal if you want to create different sizes of holes in a single motion.

This is possible because of the tool’s step design.

You can also regulate the diameter as you drill to get the desired holes.

They can also drill up to 1/4-inch deep hole through tough metals.

How to Choose Premium Cobalt Drill Bits?

When considering what you need, take a moment the salient features of cobalt drill bits.

  • Size

Do you know that the shorter the drill bits are, the tougher they are?

The length of the bits determines their resistance to breaking and toughness.

Long drill bits are less durable compared to the shorter ones.

The shorter bits are sturdier because of their firmer and thicker structure.

You are assured of their resistance to breaking, twisting, and spinning issues.

They are more rigid and accurate to use for confined and tighter areas.

  • Cobalt value

The higher the percentage of cobalt in the structure, the higher is the performance of the drill bits.

If you want better performance, buy M42-grade cobalt steel bits because they have 8% cobalt.

They are more resistant to heat and durable.

  • Design

The drill bit design is often applied to the tip.

The right tip is necessary to drill through your materials.

The split point is the most common design.

They are best for thick metal materials because they bite into them, preventing sliding motion.

Other designs are brad-point, fish-point, tapered-point, and V-point.

The drill point angle is also important.

The 118° Standard is used by many drill types.

If you aim for a faster drilling experience, use a 135° Self-Centering angle.

  • Coating

The drill bits should have a metal-oxide coating to enhance their wear and corrosion resistance.

Bits with black oxide coating have a 50% longer lifespan.

There are also drill bits with gold oxide finish.

This coating acts as an effective lubricant that makes the bits drill faster, especially during prolonged drilling.

How to Keep the Cobalt Drill Bits in Good Condition?

Like any other tool accessories, cobalt drill bits are subject to wear in the long run.

They become dulled or blunted after a long period of constant use.

To keep them in good running condition,  proper care and maintenance is a must.

  • Clean them as you work to get rid of debris that can scratch or damage the bits.
  • Intermittent wiping with a clean cloth is necessary.
  • Before storage, wipe them and apply a small amount of machine oil.
  • Store them in a safe and moisture-free room.
  • Consider using a lubricant or cutting fluid that keeps the bits cool.
  • Always observe the right drilling speed to sustain their maximum performance and longevity.
  • Only use your cobalt drill bits to drill holes in metals.
  • Do not throw dull bits. Restore the sharp edges with a bench grinder from time to time.

Are Cobalt Drill Bits Costly?

Compared to other types of bits, cobalt drill bits are more expensive.

But they are good investments.

They last longer and perform better.

You can buy them in sets or individually.

The price also varies from one supplier or manufacturer to another.

Another factor is the value of cobalt in the unit.

The higher the amount of cobalt, the pricier the drill bits.

How to Jumpstart Your Cobalt Drill Bits Business?

If you are interested in being a distributor of cobalt drill bits, contact Tenyu Tools.

It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power tool accessories in China, North America, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe.

Tenyu Tools offer great deals for importers and wholesalers.

With the rising demands of cobalt drill bits due to urbanization, it is best to start your business now.

Hoping that this guide has provided all the information you need.

If you have more questions about cobalt drill bits, feel free to contact us.


Are There Have More Related Products Mention?

Aside from cobalt drill bits, Tenyu Tools have a variety of drill bits for different materials and applications.

If you need diamond saw blades or other kinds of saw blades, they have them for you.

They also offer grinding wheels, hole saw, screw extractor, nibble cutter, tap and die, and a lot more.

The company aims to reach more global markets in the future.

So, they keep improving their customer service and adding more items to their primary power tool accessories.

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Send them your intention and inquire about their special rates for importers and wholesalers.

They give amazing deals and perks that can help you double your sales and profits in due time.

Hit the button to send a message or grab the phone to connect with Tenyu Tools’ customer service team.

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