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Get Best Wholesale Drill Bits Supplier & Manufactures From Tenyu Tools

Tenyu Tools is among the best drill bit manufacturing companies in China, capable of supplying bulk drill bits wholesalers with high-quality drill bits at an affordable price. As an advanced Drill Bits Factory, we make sure to follow the latest standards during drill bit production. If you are on the lookout for wholesale drill bits, we are the best drill bits manufacturers to buy from.

There can be more than one reason for selecting the Drill bits for sale at our end. The rigorous inspection processes, combined with the efficient and precise cutting processes, ensure that you get the best for creating the best from your hands.

We make sure the clearances, thickness, helix, primary and point angles, flute land ratio, and concentricity issues are taken care of at the best. While we deploy efficient processes in our drill bits factory, we also make sure you get the cleanest products in your hands.

Tenyu Tools- Your preferred Drill Bit Manufacturer cum Supplier!

Tenyu Tools is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale drill bits. We tend to offer you the best in terms of quality and affordability. We can manufacture different varieties of drill bits for our clients.

The orders can be customized for the use of the material and the machining processes you want us to include. We can manufacture and supply Drill bits for metal drilling like Extra Long Drill Bits, Twist Double-Sided Drill Bits, HSS Metal Extra Long Drill Bits, Straight Shank Double Ended Metal Drill bits, HSS Double Ended Drill bits, HSS reduced shank Turbo Max Twist Drill bits, Bright Surface HSS Drill Bits, Fully Ground Drill bits, Black and Gold HSS Twist Drill Bits, and many more.

We are among ISO 9001 certified drill bit manufacturing companies and control the machining processes effectively to come up with the most efficiently performing drill bits of all time. All of our products go through rigorous inspection, testing, and quality check processes so our clients like you can have the best product in hand.

Whatever your requirements are, we have got the best for you!

While you may find it hard to find a reliable and trustworthy drill bit manufacturer and bulk drill bits wholesalers, we at Tenyu Tools are the one for you. The trust that our clients entrust upon us stands testament to this statement.

Our team has a proven track record of producing high-quality drill bits consistently. This reflects our passion for understanding our client’s needs and requirements and providing them with the most-suited solution. This in turn helps them further serve their customers and delight them. This gives rise to a whole chain of quality.

If you are looking for a potential drill bit supplier or drill bits manufacturers, you can reach out to our team to have a look at the impressive portfolio of services that have been curated only for your convenience. The Drill bits for sale on our end meet all industry standards and comply with the latest regulatory norms.

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  • HSS Drill Bit

High-speed-steel drill bit is ideal for drill into metal, of course also can drill plastic.

  • Metal Drill Bit

Metal drill bits cut metal with ease, it can drill a clean hole.

  • Cobalt Drill Bit

Cobalt drill bits can drill in the different kinds of hard materials, such as stainless steel.

  • Step Drill Bit

One step drill bit can cut holes of various diameters, it will enlarge holes when drilling.

  • Center Drill Bit

Center Drill Bit can drill on many materials, when it is drilling, the drill bit will not be greatly offset.

  • Drill Bit Adapter

Drill Bit Adapter have different uses in different drill bits.

  • Taper Shank Drill Bit

Taper Shank Drill Bit can cut the cast iron, copper and aluminum.

The Ultimate FAQ —Drill Bits

Choosing a drill bit manufacturer is a task that is often left to experienced recruiters.

Because of the market’s saturation, it’s hard – almost impossible to land on a high quality drill bit supplier.

Luckily for you, we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide on how you can locate and successfully work with the best drill bit manufacturers for both wholesale and retail!

What is a Drill Bit?

A Drill Bit is a cutting tool that is used to create cylindrical holes in solids like metals and wooden planks. Drill bits are held in drill machines and used with torque which creates holes in them.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier

Why are Drill Bits used?

Drill Bits are cutting tools, it can be used in conjunction with drilling machines to create holes in the solid materials for applications in construction or production of different mechanical parts. Drill Bits are now widely used in manufacturing as well as the construction industry for different applications.

What are the two main types of drill bits?

Drill bits that are currently available in the market are categorized into two types. Rolling cutter bits and fixed cutter bits are two of them. The sizes for these drill bits can be anywhere between 3-⅞ inch to 36 inches.

Rolling Cutter Bits

Rolling cutter bits may also be called roller cone bits or tri-cone bits. Tricone bits in general have three cones. Each cone in this drill bit is individually rotatable with the use of roller bearings which are fitted at the time of their first assembly. These drill bits can be used to drill multiple formations, provided a proper cutter, bearing, and nozzle combination is available.

Rolling cutter bits can further be classified into the following types:

  • Milled-Tooth Bits
  • Tungsten Carbide Insert Bits

Milled Tooth Bits

Milled Tooth Bits have steel tooth cutters. These cutters are fabricated as parts of the bit cone. The bits cut and make formations out when a torque is applied. Teeth on this drill bit may vary in size and shape. The formation of teeth can be soft or hard.

● Soft Formation

Teeth in these drill bits are long, slender, and widely spaced. These teeth with soft formations will produce freshly broken cuttings or chips from soft formations.

● Hard Formation

The teeth in these drill bits are short and closely spaced. Drill bits with these types of formation can be used to produce smaller, ground, round, and crushed cuttings.

Tungsten Carbide Insert Bits

As the name suggests, these types of drill bits have tungsten carbide inserts that are pressed into the bit cones. These inserts can have several shapes including long-extended shapes, round-shaped inserts, and more. The teeth on this bit are also different, based on their formations.

● Soft Formation

These types of insert bits have long-extension and chisel shape inserts.

● Hard Formation

Drill bits with short extensions and rounded inserts have hard formations.

Fixed Cutter Bits

The fixed cutter bits have integrated bit bodies and cutting elements. These bits are employed to excavate holes on the surface using shearing forces instead of using chipping off or gouging out formations. The functioning of these cutter bits is like rolling cutter bits.

With no moving parts such as cones and bearings, these bits are made out of bit bodies fabricated using a steel and tungsten carbide matrix. These bits also have abrasion-resistant cutters integrated which the surface which aid in the cutting operation. A majority of bits available in the market are composed of Polycrystalline Diamond or Natural/ Synthetic Diamond Cutters.

With improvements being carried out in the cutter bit technology, PDC bits are capable of drilling both soft and hard formations. However, care has to be taken when selecting drill bits on very hard formations. You might need to use diamond bits if required.

How to choose the best wholesale Drill Bits?

Though finding the best wholesale drill bits is trickier to find, you can trust the team at our end for your choice of the drill bits. If you are looking to select the one that will suit you the best, there is a need for you to get acquainted with the same.

We’ll first discuss the kinds of drill bits that we have in the market.

Wood Drill Bits

If you are looking to purchase the best wooden drill bits, make sure to check for the small pointed tip at the very end of the drill bit. If you observe closely, you can see spurs on each side. These spurs are responsible to hold the wood in place and carve the same away.

To select the best, make sure you have all these things checked closely by your quality or inspection team.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier


Masonry Drill Bits

Selecting the best Masonry drill bit requires you to check the gentle sloping tip at the end of the drill bit. Sometimes, the tip of masonry bits can come coated with carbide. This helps retain their sharpness. Masonry Drill Bits work the best with stone and cinder blocks. Also, they work well with tiles as well.

While purchasing the same, look out for these properties so as to select the best for yourself.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier


Metal Drill Bits

Metal Drill BIts are required to be sharp so as to withstand greater amounts of abrasion forces. These drill bits come with a wide-angled point on one end and are painted in black most of the time. If you are planning to buy new ones, make sure you check the label with the name high-speed steel or HSS printed on it. Metal Drill Bits can be highly versatile and offer more toughness with titanium and cobalt coating. Steel metal Drill Bits can easily drill through soft aluminum whereas to drill through harder metal types, high-speed steel will be required.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier


Who are the best bulk drill bits wholesalers in the market?

There is a multitude of options in the market when it comes to selecting the best bulk drill bits in the market. However, if you are looking for the best quality drill bits in the market, those from Tenyu Tools China are your go-to.

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What are the possible reasons for a drill bit to break?



There can be more than one reason for the drill bit to break. Possible reasons for a drill bit to break can be too much stress. If the drill bit is not correctly aligned on the spindle, it may cause it to tumble and wobble. Adding to that, if you are applying torque to it in such a situation, it may produce combined stresses. If chips are caused due to the cutting of the metal clog with the drill bit, the additional stress on the bit may cause breakage.

In the second case, if you are using a hand drill, there is a good chance that bending stress combined with unmanaged and uncontrolled torsional force may introduce shearing in the drill bit.

Finally, the compressive stresses built up in the shank may also cause the drill bit to twist and eventually break.

All these different stresses combine to generate a peak principle stress. This peak principle stress when in combination with the rotational force may transform from the compressive load to a tensile force. These stress reversals are the most common reasons why drill bits break apart.

One more reason for the drill bit to break can be that the drill bit material is worn out and fatigued.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier

What are the different types of drill bits available in the market?

There is a wide variety of drill bits available in the market today. And selecting the right kind of drill bit can help you get dine with your job easily. A majority of drill bits manufacturers nowadays have expanded their portfolio in supplying users with these types of drill bits. Some of the commonly known drill bit types are:

  • Twist Drill Bits,
  • Masonry Drill Bits,
  • SDS Drill Bits,
  • Universal Drill Bits,
  • Lip and Spur Drill Bits,
  • Countersink Drill Bits,
  • Titanium Drill Bits,
  • Flat Bits Drill Bits,
  • Augers Drill Bits,
  • Hex Drill Bits,
  • Core Drill Bits,
  • Multi Angle Drill Bits,
  • Pointed Flat Drill Bits,
  • Adjustable Drill Bits,
  • Screw Tip Flat Drill Bits,
  • Hinge Sinkers,
  • Tile and Glass Drill Bits,
  • Forstner Drill Bits, and many more.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier8


Twist Drill Bits

These types of bits consist of angles that are suitable for steel-drilling purposes. These bits can drill through a wide range of material types, however, not at ideal performance.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier

Masonry Drill Bits

These types of drill bits have a piece of Tungsten Carbide welded or brazed onto the tip. They are also known as TCT Drill bits, TCT expands to Tungsten Carbide-Tipped. They can be identified easily as the tip is comparatively wider than the shank dia. This tip remains blunt in most cases.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier

SDS Drill Bits

These types of drill bits are employed to cut concrete and engineering bricks. The bits have a shank which fits into the chuck of the drilling machine. They also have a quick-change locking mechanism instead of the twist grip from the conventional drills.

Universal Drill Bits

Like MAsonry drill bits, these drill bits also have a Tungsten Carbide tip, however, this tip is sharpened or edged. This is done so that the drill bit can easily drill across timber and mild steel.

Lip and Spur Drill Bits

These types of Drill Bits are also known as Dowel Drills. With a central point and two cutting edges angled in an opposite direction, these drill bits can stay centered in wood while cutting it faster and using less energy.

Countersink Drill Bits



A countersink drill bit is capable of drilling a shallow recess for a screw head to fit in. Despite its size, the countersink drill bit can outlast carbon steel many times.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier


Titanium or TiN Drill Bits

These drill bits come coated with superhard titanium nitride coating. This actually makes them stay sharper for longer. This coating helps reduce frictional wear and tear. Some other titanium compounds can also be used to coat the bits. These can be TiAIN and TiCN. TiAIN lasts 5 times longer than HSS.

Flat Drill Bits

These types of drill bits are low cost and low-performance drill bits and form rough holes during wood drilling. The low cost makes them an ideal accessory for drilling large holes.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier

Augers Drill Bits

These kinds of drill bits are low-speed high-torque drill bits used to drill wood. These bits are known to produce cleaner holes than most other drills.

drill bits manufacturers wholesalers supplier

All other types of drill bits shared above are only different according to the type of use and the building material. To learn more about the kind of drill bit you are selecting you can always check with your drill bits manufacturers.


The Best Drill Bit Suppliers in the Market?

You will find a ton of drill bit manufacturing companies; but how do you weight which the best one is?

Today, the following drill bit manufacturers are considered as the most recommended:

  • DeWALT
  • Irwin
  • Makita
  • Drill America
  • Milwaukee
  • Bosch
  • And many more!

You’ll know these names if you’ve been following the world of drill bits and power tools.

Moreover, you must also know the main downside of choosing to work with these drill bit suppliers – they’re expensive and more often than not, it’s going to be a challenge to strike a deal with them.

Nevertheless, they’re the top manufacturing companies of drill bits and other tools and accessories.

Qualities of Drill Bit Manufacturers to Look For

Choosing a manufacturing partner – especially if it’s wholesale drill bits – is crucial.

Qualities of Drill Bit Manufacturers to Look For
An excellent bulk drill bit wholesaler will never leave out even the smallest details

Saying yes to a manufacturer means that you’re accepting all of their capabilities.

With that in mind, what qualities of drill bit manufacturing companies should you always have an eye on?

Expertise and Capabilities

Their ability to supply you with what you need should be your priority. Imagine being given low-quality drill bits – and you orders 10,000 pieces – would you be pleased?

Try and find out these drill bit suppliers’ capabilities – do they provide OEM or ODM products? Are they capable of manufacturing custom drill bits based on your needs? Would they be able to deliver in time?

The answer to these questions can serve as the foundation of whether or not a drill bit supplier is worth spending time with.

History and Track Record

So a manufacturer answered yes to the question above – what’s the next step?

The next step, simply is, figuring out whether or not they’re true to their word.

Have a glance at their track record and history – are they telling the truth about their skill and expertise? Do clients work and come back to them again?

Client retention is one of the fewest, but most effective ways of determining if a manufacturer will cross rivers for you.

Their record will dictate and give you insight as to how effective and efficient their products and services are.

Rates and Prices

A lot of businesses never consider pricing, especially if they’re looking for quality.

However, prices and rates can tell you a lot about how efficient and how effective a certain manufacturer is.

Find out about the median or the general rates of the products you are about to purchase. Prices that are too good to be true, almost always end up being too much of a fantasy.

Prices that are over-the-roof, on the other hand, might have alternatives that have cheaper and more affordable costs.

Try to find the balance between them, but never compromise quality.

Factory and Manufacturing Plant

A lot of these manufacturers would be open to their drill bits factory.

Their thinking is that being transparent with their manufacturing plant can help them gain more clients – and that is true!

Whenever you are to choose between one drill bit supplier from another, it is rather imperative to take a look at their drill bits factory first.

How they work will tell you a lot about the quality of their products.

Communication Skills

In any aspect of life, communication is key. It’s key to a good relationship, growth, and overall – success.

You may work with the best, the cheapest, and the most skilled manufacturer, but if they fail at communication, you lose a lot, too.

Finding a manufacturer that consistently checks upon you; a manufacturer that always considers you as their first-time client is usually the best.

Would you want to have a business partner that neglects cooperation?

Those are just some of the things you’d want to always have your eyes on, especially if you need bulk drill bits from wholesalers.

Why Choose Chinese Wholesale Drill Bits?

There’s a reason why companies and businesses from the west choose Chinese wholesale drill bit suppliers.


Why Choose Chinese Wholesale Drill Bits
Wholesale Chinese drill bit manufacturers carefully study and assess products one-by-one

Other than the price, they know that drill bit manufacturing competition in China is no joke.

In fact, we can look at it this way – if a region in the U.S. has about 15 drill bit manufacturing companies, China would have about 30 to 50 of those drill bit suppliers – that is how tough competition is.

So what would these drill bit manufacturing companies do for them to get the “golden” sale? They will:

  • Improve their procedures and manufacturing processes
  • Try to lower the costs for clients – they give high discounts
  • Improve and enhance their drill bit factories to showcase to their clients
  • Become lenient when it comes to MOQs
  • Expand and develop their offers, such as wholesale drill bit discounts, etc.
  • Add more to what they’re already offering

Choosing China bulk drill bits from wholesalers would be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Where Can You Purchase Bulk Drill Bits?

There are a lot of drill suppliers in the market that offer wholesale drill bits.

If you want a fair price, going with a Chinese drill bit manufacturing company is key.

We say this not just because of pricing, but also because of the quality these drill bit suppliers can assure you.

Most, if not all Chinese bulk drill bits wholesalers would offer you free samples; and they’ll often deliver it as fast and as high quality as possible.

Why It’s Important to Background Check Drill Bits Manufacturing Companies First

Checking the track record, history, and background of Chinese drill bit manufacturing companies is a significant move before going with one.

Why It's Important to Background Check Drill bits manufacgturer
Several machines of a drill bit manufacturing company they use in producing drill bits

In essence, their history would reflect the current stature of their products and services.

One good example is to see and talk with some businesses that worked with them. Ask them about how effective and efficient their products and services are; ask them how the package or the orders were delivered; etc.

You can observe and check the quality of work by a manufacturing company by checking out reviews, feedback, talking to previous clients, etc.

How Do They Drill Bit Suppliers Perform in a Drill Bits Factory?

Do you have any idea how drill bit factories look like?

How They Manufacture Drill Bits in a Drill Bit Factory
Crucial step in the manufacturing of drill bits in a drill bit factory

For you to understand better, you need to know what’s happening behind the curtains.  

  1. Drill bits are from raw materials, the most common of which are coiled steel
  2. They’re cut off depending on the size of the drill bit; it’s also in this process where the coils are hardened and straightened
  3. The straightened and cut coil are treated in heat, hardening the steel even more
  4. They’re then cleaned to get rid of whatever debris has been left
  5. Next, they run through a flute machine where large portions of the steel are cut off and removed. This is the process that makes and creates the shape and the physicality of the bit
  6. Then, they run through a machine where the point is finished, as well as the angle of the drill
  7. Lastly, the split pointing procedure creates the secondary cutting edge, ensuring that the bit wouldn’t move or “walk” during usage
  8. Depending on the type of drill bit, the tails are either reduced or flattened
  9. From there, observations and final checking is done; this is important as they dictate whether or not the products would leave the drill bit factory for packaging and distribution

That’s the general procedure of how a drill bit is manufactured and made.

Different manufacturers might have different approaches, but is the general outline of how they are made.

Are There MoQs in Purchasing From Drill Bit Manufacturers?

Yes, most, if not all drill bit manufacturing companies have a minimum order quantity or MoQ.

Having an MoQ helps in controlling the amount of production in drill bit factories. Moreover, it’s also one way of ensuring the stocks for clients.

What’s the Usual Timeframe in Delivering Wholesale Drill Bits?

This will depend on the drill bit manufacturer and their connections when it comes to shipping and delivery.

There are some bulk drill bit wholesalers that manufacture and deliver drill bits in just a month, while there are those that take a month and a half to complete it.

Therefore, it would be wise to ask them about the shipping first so you don’t get in trouble if it doesn’t come at the time you’re expecting it to.

Is it Worth it to Buy Bulk Drill Bits From Wholesalers?

Yes, purchasing bulk drill bits from wholesale drill bit suppliers is something you always need to consider.

You should consider them not only because of their low price, but also because of the fact that you wouldn’t have any problems with stocks.

Many businesses today are biting offers, even if they’re expensive, because of the fact that the drill bit manufacturers they speak with have the exact tools they need.

Furthermore, drill bit manufacturers today are finding it challenging to find stocks for their business.

The reason for these dilemmas include:

  • Large competition;
  • ODM and OEM products from competitors
  • Raw material unavailability
  • And other reasons

That’s why it’s worth purchasing wholesale bulk drill bits from drill bit wholesalers and suppliers!

You’ll never feel the need to find a different drill bits factory for sourcing if you think one step ahead!

Why Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. Should be Your Go-To Drill Bits Supplier

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is the country’s most trusted and most relied on drill bit manufacturing company.

We’ve been the best and the most sought after wholesale drill bits manufacturer in the country for over a decade.

You can freely choose to have a view of our drill bits factory via our online platform – and you can assess the quality of our performance and products from there!

You can trust us whether you need a set of pre-made drill bits, or if you’re yearning for a custom made one.

The same as how our other 990+ clients have, you can trust us here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. – you can even consider us as your primary option if you need wholesale drill bits!

You will never regret your choice of choosing us to be your primary drill bits supplier! Contact us and get a free estimate of the drill bits that you need!

How to preserve the life of a drill bit?

If you ask the people at drill bit manufacturing companies, they will tell you that getting the most out of your drill bit is totally based on how you use it. If you are using the wrong type of drill bit on the wrong type of surface, the drill bit is likely to malfunction. Well, here are some tips you can follow to make sure your drill bit lasts long enough:

  • Select the right bit for the right rock hardness
  • Use adequate drilling fluid additives
  • Use a higher crown matrix configuration
  • Amend your drilling technique

Drill Bit Suppliers – Drill Bit Manufacturers – Additional Content

It’s not an unknown fact that purchasing wholesale drill bits is a lot cheaper than retail. But what are the rates and the prices involved in doing so?

Wholesale Drill Bit Price List

Wouldn’t it be nice if the prices of wholesale drill bits were just posted? It’s true, it’ll be more convenient but it doesn’t work that way for a few reasons.

The most common of which is because the prices of purchasing bulk drill bits from wholesalers will be different from the retail rates. If you see a rate of $0.30 per drill bit on retail, its wholesale drill bit price could drop to just about $0.20 – even lower.

This is the main reason why you can’t just request to have the rates and prices displayed at posters, websites, and flyers.

Another reason is the fact that some businesses and companies have different rates because of the relationship they’ve built and established with the wholesaler. For instance, if you’ve been ordering bulk drill bits from wholesalers and manufacturers for a year now consistently, you might have better rates than those who are just new.

What is an HSS Drill Bit?

High speed, or more commonly known as HSS are tool steels part of a subset and considered as the most common type of cutting tool.

HSS drill bits, therefore, are drill bits that you can use for drilling a wide array and variety of materials, thanks to carbon steel as its base and alloying elements.

You can use HSS drill bits to drill and work on many different materials like wood, PVC, fiberglass, aluminum, other soft metals, and many more!

Here with us at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd., your top Chinese drill bill wholesale manufacturer, you will never run out of options in purchasing HSS drill bits. We have HSS twist drill bits, HSS Morse taper shank bits, tapered HSS drill bits, reduced shank HSS bits, and many more!

You can view the complete lineup of HSS drill bit and drill bit packs and sets that we have in our arsenal.

And if you need to order custom HSS drill bits, we can help you, too! Most of the offers we have came from specific client requests and customizations!

Are China Drill Bit Suppliers and Manufacturers Trustworthy?

Just like any other country, China contains too few unqualified manufacturing companies and businesses, too.

Not all businesses and companies in China are capable of giving you the best and the highest quality of drill bits.

But, if you compare Chinese wholesale drill bit suppliers with other countries’, the Chinese will prevail. In fact, most European and American manufacturing companies and businesses go to China for the manufacturing of drill bits and other power tools and accessories.

The thing they say about Chinese drill bit suppliers and manufacturers only giving fakes and knockoffs aren’t true, it’s even the other way around.

American Drill Bits vs. Chinese Drill Bit Suppliers

A lot of American drill bit manufacturing companies are trying to get into the supply chain by trying to go with the flow of how Chinese drill bit factories price their products.

Another thing to note is the fact that most world-renowned American drill bit suppliers are actually in partnership with Chinese drill bit manufacturing companies. What they do is they specify the orders to the lineup of their catalog and place their brand name.

We really can’t compare American drill bit manufacturers and supplier with Chinese manufacturing companies for the purpose that they work hand-in-hand to provide quality drill bits to people.

They might be selling it to hardware shops and other businesses in retail rates and prices, but in the back lines, American and Chinese drill bit manufacturing companies are partners.

Are German Made Drill Bit Sets Good Quality?

Some German-made drill bit sets from Bosch, Wemaro, Guhring, and others also boast of supreme and premium quality.

In fact, when you look at the price, you’ll be surprised at how expensive it is. It is expensive and costly simply because what this says is their drill bits are made from the finest of raw materials from the best and the most ethical sources.

To give you an example, the Bosch 25-piece Metal Twist Drill Bit costs about $230. Imagine, that translates to each drill bit, being about $9 each! That’s one hell of a drill bit, if you think about it, and when you ask them, they’ll tell you that:

  • It’s made from the finest of high-speed steel (HSS)
  • They have a full 5% cobalt alloy in them
  • They’re wear and heat resistant
  • It’s fully compatible with all drill drives

When in fact, you can get the same type of features and properties when you choose us here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd! And if you get it from us, you don’t have to worry about spending $9 for it, we will give it to you for a staggering $4 each piece! Purchase more and we can even draft up a whole new contract for you!

Needless to say, German made drill bit sets really have something to be proud of – and it’s their unrelenting quality and overall strength.

Oil and Gas Drill Bit Manufacturers

A lot of people do not know this, but oil and gas drill bits are also regular drill bits, they’re just larger and a lot more powerful than the handheld and regular-sized drill bits.

enerally, though, the purpose of oil and gas drill bits is for hole boring. The main and the primary purpose of oil and gas drilling, however, is to decrease oil reservoirs pressure. But, you can also consider it to be the methodology or the procedure of unearthing or discovering natural and crude gas extractions.

And if you are in the oil & gas industry and you’re looking for oil and gas drill bit manufacturing companies, you can consider us here ta Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. for it.

For more than a decade, we’ve been producing and manufacturing different types and kinds of drill bits specific for your needs. So, if you need a medium-sized oil & gas drill bit for boring holes largely, you can bank and count on us.

How Does the Usual Life of a Drill Bit Go?

Drill bit manufacturing companies and businesses wouldn’t really tell you the truth when it comes to the life expectancy of drill bits.

This is because of the fact that it doesn’t have any general time of maturity. The life expectancy of drill bits would actually depend on:

  • Intensity of usage and utility
  • Material you’re working on
  • Care and maintenance

On a general basis, the life expectancy of drill bits would revolve around how it’s used. For instance, if it’s being used on everyday for more than 2 to 3 hours of run time, then you can expect it to last regularly.

However, if you use it carelessly, like you allow it to overheat, you drop it and scratch its surface, and things of the like, it’ll last for a shorter time than how it is supposed to last.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you maintain and care for your drill bits, like how your drill bits supplier and manufacturer told you to do so.

Is There a Drill Bit Manufacturing Machine?

People think of drill bits to be something that is just manufactured in one process. When in reality, it comprises of multiple procedures and methodologies.

As bad as we want to get a drill bit manufacturing machine so that we can create drill bits in a single swipe, it can’t be done.

The process drill bit manufacturers undergo is a series of processes that go from the cutting of the round bars that are to be created as drill bits, to the detailing of the flutes and the cutters of the drill bits.

You will, however, encounter drill bit suppliers that have a different approach at manufacturing because there are those that manufacture their own computer numerically-controlled or CNC machines to help them in manufacturing or in producing their drill bits.

We have detailed the steps on how drill bit manufacturing companies push their production of drill bits in this article, so don’t worry – you can learn that too!

Can You Use HSS Drill Bits For Metal?

Yes, you actually can utilize HSS drill bits to work on metal and other soft alloys.

As a matter of fact, most drill bit manufacturers and wholesalers offer various HSS types and classifications of HSS drill bits to those that need it.

And, you would never have any problems or troubles in working with us here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. for your HSS drill bits for metal and steel.

We offer a heap of options you can try out  – see for yourself! Tenyu Tools will never disappoint you with the types and kinds of drill bits we offer!

Packs of Drill Bits vs. Drill Bit Supplier Sets

Many businesses get torn in choosing between purchasing wholesale drill bits and purchasing packs of drill bits. Are these terms the same or are they two (2) different terms?

To cut it short, these terms are different, they might sound similar but both of their ideas are different. Pack of drill bits and drill bit sets are the same – what this simply means is that what you will be purchasing isn’t just one (1) particular drill bit, you’ll be purchasing a set or a pack. It’s the same when it comes to its model, but it’s different in terms of the size and the length.

The main purpose of purchasing drill bit packs is for you to be able to cover the size that you need for your bits. This is for you to avoid choosing or selecting the size that wouldn’t befit whatever your requirements are.

What About Purchasing Drill Bits Wholesale?

Now, how is purchasing drill bits in bulk from wholesalers different?

The difference between purchasing drill bits wholesale and drill bit sets or packs is that the former is a purchase where you’re going to purchase not just one or ten (10) pieces of the bits or packs.

You’ll purchase in the volumes of the upwards of 100 pieces or packs. You will know this from the term alone – “wholesale drill bits,” you’re purchasing the items “as a whole.” On the other hand, purchasing drill bit packs or sets is just you purchasing one (1) pack or one (1) set of bits that contain different sizes of bits.

It actually is far from purchasing wholesale drill bits or in buying drill bits in bulk.

Importing Drill Bits From China

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how you can order or import Chinese drill bits wholesale? Here’s our offer to you!

We here at Tenyu Tools provide everything that our clients need. From sourcing out the raw or the assembled materials they need, to the freight and the delivery of the products they’ve been looking for.

We’re absolutely open to export wholesale drill bits to your location, all you have to do is:

Learn Your Rights

Your location will determine the rights you have in importing. For instance if you live within the European Union (EU), the exporter or your drill bits supplier would need to be SGS certified in order for the goods to come through.

So, the first thing you want to do is to learn about the rights you have within the country or the location you are in.

Choose the Product and Amount You’ll Purchase

After you determine the laws, rules, and policies of importing, it’s then time to decide which products you’re going to purchase.

Select the drill bit supplier you plan on working with and finalize the products and the volume you’re going to purchase.

NOTE: This step is important because you will have the window to compute or to calculate the tax and the fees you would have to pay for.

Settle Payment

When you have it all finalized, of course, your next step would be to settle the payment. This will actually depend on the drill bit manufacturer or supplier you’ll be working with.

So, settle the payment for the products and all the necessary fees and charges involved.

Wait for Delivery

Once everything is done, all you’d have to do is wait for the delivery. Your drill bit manufacturer will be telling you about it so don’t worry!

Here with us at Tenyu Tools, we never leave our clients blind out in the market. We help them from securing all documentation needed, selecting the best products for their needs, and even when it comes to the freight or the shipping!

We handle everything from A to Z – and that’s why Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is still crowned the best and the most sought after drill bit wholesale manufacturer in the whole of China!

Are Drill Bit Factories an Important Factor in Choosing Which Supplier to Work With?

While a lot of people think that most drill bit manufacturers would have messy and unorganized factories, it’s actually the other way around.

You will find lots of drill bit manufacturing companies especially here in China that have organized, neat, and clean drill bit factories.

As a matter of fact, the neatness and the organization of the drill bit factory will reflect the business and the work ethics of the company.

TIP: One way to know whether or not a drill bit manufacturing company is trustworthy is by asking them if you can have a tour of their manufacturing plant. 8 times out of 10, the manufacturer will give you a timeline of when you can visit so they can arrange some stuff. Only a select few will give access immediately.

Here with us at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd., you can have a tour – even a virtual tour of our drill bit manufacturing factory. We are not ashamed of our plant, in fact, we highly advise that you check and inspect it so that you know whether or not we are a company or a manufacturing business that you can trust.

For years, we’ve been trying to develop and improve our systems and our processes to better fit all of your requirements. Now, we are on the stage of streamlining our services and procedures to give you better client experience and customer satisfaction.

Tenyu Tools – Always Ready to Serve

Wherever you are in the world, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help and assist you in producing the drill bits you need.

In the event that you’re looking for specific and custom drill bits, Tenyu Tools will never fail to meet, and even exceed your expectations! Contact us and become part of a fast-growing community – get world-class quality drill bits without ever burning a hole in your pocket!

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