HSS Double Ended Drill Bit for Metal

  • It is an optimal blend of strength, heat resistance and wear resistance
  • Double head design, Double use. Save money
  • 135 ° split point helps reduce bit walking
  • Made of HSS 4341, make the metal drill bits more harder and durable


Double ended drill bit have cutting edges on the two heads, that is to say, double ended drill bit delivers double the lifetime of drilling. It is worth to purchase!When one heads wears, you can use another cutting edges on the other head.It can be used in handheld drills, drill presses and so on.

  • Material: HSS 4341
  • Surface: Black & Gold
  • Use: Metal Drilling

Double ended drill bit can be used to drill on Metal, Stainless steel, Aluminum.

Double ended drill bit have two heads cutting edges, they have the same shape and size.

  • Materials: High-Speed-Steel (HSS) 4341
  • Surface: Black & Gold


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