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Primary Reasons to Make Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. Your Wood Auger Drill Bit Manufacturer

  • Wherever you are, you can get Tenyu Tools’ wood auger bits in less than 45 days!
  • You can order many different types of wood auger drill bits from us!
  • You can ask us to customize and to specify the wood auger bits you need!
  • You’ll be able to use our wood auger drill bits for both soft and hardwood!
  • Your wood augers bits are made from high-quality material from the best suppliers!
  • With our wood auger drill bits, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort!
  • You can order for a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces only!
  • The wood auger bits you can get from us can last twice as long as other brands’!

Tenyu Wood Auger Drill Bit

Tenyu Tools’ Co., Ltd. is the wood auger bit manufacturer to go to if you want quality-made wod auger drill bits.

We’ve been the most sought after wood auger drill bit supplier in the entire country! Tenyu Tools is the best and the most trusted because of the wide array of wood auger drill bits we have!

You can get wood auger drill bits that have four back flutes; bits that are tri-flutes, single flute bits, and many more!

You’ll never have any problems if you want speed and quality put into your projects! Choose Tenyu Tools’ wood auger drill bits and always get topnotch quality stocks!

Our wood auger drill bits are heat treated, which means they’re highly durable

  • Wood Auger Drill Bit has a spiral shape, ensure the holes smooth and uniform.
  • We provide you different kinds of wood auger drill bits.
  • Wood Auger Drill Bit is suitable for hard and soft wood.

What are the Features of Tenyu Tools’ Wood Auger Drill Bits?

Since we here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. offer many variants of wood auger bits, these features are generalized features you will see and experience:

You can use our wood auger bits to work on many different types and kinds of wood

  • Most, if not all our drill bits are long-lasting and highly durable due to heat treatment
  • Our wood auger bits are all surface finished, depending on the coating you’re looking for
  • Whatever type of wood you have, rest assured that our wood auger bits will be able to accommodate your need!
  • The best part about working with us is that you can customize the wood auger drill bits! You just have to send us what you need in sketch or drawing!

You can be proud of all these features you can get on all of the wood auger bits that we offer here at Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd!

Applications of Our Wood Auger Bits

Whether you’re a woodworker, a product and a tools distributor – even if you’re a merchandiser, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. is open to do business!

Our wood auger drill bits are resalable!

You don’t need to be at a particular country for you to be eligible for business! We ship to all countries in all regions!

Why Choose Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd?

Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. was able to amass about 990+ clients in our time in the industry.

These clients continued to trust us to supply them with the wood auger bits they need!

Apart from being a licensed and a certified wood auger bit and power tools and accessories provider, we also have the best and the most experience R&D team to assist you!

Reach out to us and get the highest quality of wood auger drill bits you can get in the market!

Wood Auger Bit – The All-Inclusive FAQ Guide

You might be confused in distinguishing what wood auger bits are from other types of drill bits. However, you might experience a couple of problems in determining what’s needed for the job.

Today, we will discuss wood augers! By the end of this guide, you’ll not only be an expert on wood auger drill bits – you will also learn how you can work with the best wood auger drill bit manufacturer in the market!

Understanding What Wood Auger Bits Are

The physicality and the design of wood auger drill bits are quite distinctive compared to other drill bit types.

Understanding What Wood Auger Bits are
Example of what a wood auger drill bit is

Wood auger bits are screw-like helical blades that you can use to bore and drill holes on wood. More often than not, you use wood auger drill bits to drill and bore large-diameter holes on nearly all types and kinds of wood.

What Are Wood Auger Bits Made Of?

The strength and the overall capability of wood auger drill bits are because of its foundation.

What are Wood Auger Bits Made Of
High carbon steel – the main material used in creating wood auger drill bits

Usually, wood auger drill bits are made from high carbon steel. It’s used because of its resilient and rigid properties.

Although high-speed steel (HSS) is harder and tougher, the softness that comes from wood auger drill bits is what’s responsible for them being popular in cutting and in working on wood.

Apart from higher carbon steel, you can also choose to have them coated of cobalt, titanium, and titanium carbonitride.

Is a Ship Auger Bit the Same as a Wood Auger Bit?

Yes, ship auger bits and wood auger bits are the same thing.

Is Ship Auger Bit the Same as an Auger Drill Bit_
A ship drill bit and an auger drill bit is one thing

They’re often interchanged because of the wide functionality of wood augers. More so, you can find them the most efficient and effective in the shipbuilding and the shipyard industries.

What is the Little Screw For In Front of a Wood Auger Bit?


In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a little screw attached at the head of the wood auger bit.

This little screw, also known as the “center screw,” is what pulls the drill bit into the wood or the auger bit forward as it drills.

What this does is it assists the drill bit so that the worker would need to exert little-to-moderate force or pressure when drilling.

What is the Little Screw For In Front of a Wood Auger Bit
What is the Little Screw For In Front of a Wood Auger Bit?

Are All Wood Auger Drill Bits the Same?

You’ll see a lot of wood auger bits to have the same physical features, but they’re not all the same.

There isn’t a limited number of wood auger bits in the market – it’s versatile!

As a matter of fact, these bits are available in a wide array of shapes and patterns. You can even order custom wood auger drill bits!

Other than the pattern and the shape, wood auger drill bits are also available in many different sizes, lengths, and widths.

You’ll have the option to purchase wood auger bits for thin wood; for woods that are soft, woods that are hard; long woods, and so on.

How Do You Drill Wood Using an Auger Bit?

Just like any other drilling application, you need to make sure that your drill matches the size of your bit.

How Do You Drill Wood Using an Auger Bit
Image of a clip demonstrating how you can use a wood auger drill bit

If it does, then it’s time to begin using the wood auger bit for cutting:

  1. Carefully mount and attach the wood auger drill bit to the power drill.
  2. Make sure that it’s fastened tightly so that it doesn’t wobble.
  3. Slowly start by positioning the drill bit completely and directly perpendicular to the workpiece.
  4. Start up the power drill drive slowly, and make sure that you don’t go over 600 rpm. We’ll talk more about that later.
  5. You will notice that the wood auger bit, once the hole is created, will just draw itself into the wooden workpiece. You wouldn’t need to exert strong force or pressure for the bit to be buried to the workpiece.
  6. Once you achieve the depth of the drill you wanted, remove the drill.
  7. Dismount and remove the drill bit from the power drill carefully.
  8. Clean the bit by wiping it carefully using a clean cloth.

And there you have it! It’s actually that easy to use a wood auger bit! There are no complications and special equipment!

You can follow the same procedure in drilling different types and kinds of wood! That brings us on our next question, which is…

Where Can You Use Wood Auger Drill Bits?

Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to use them on metal – they wouldn’t push through. You’ll dull them out and eventually, they’ll be damaged and broken.

Where Can You Use Wood Auger Drill Bits
Image of a clip that utilizes a large-shanked wood auger bit, cutting through thick wood

You can choose to use wood auger drill bits to cut through and work on a wide variety of wood types.

You’ll be able to use wood auger bits for plywood, softwoods, hardwoods, chipboards, gypsum boards (drywall), veneered chipboards, and many more!

What is the Proper Way of Sharpening Wood Auger Drill Bits?

Akin to other kinds and types of drill bits, wood auger bits need to be sharpened too for their best and most effective use.

What is the Proper Way of Sharpening
The proper and the most appropriate way of sharpening a wood auger drill bit


Sharpening wood auger bits isn’t as complicated as you think, in fact, all you need is a file!

We’re not talking about the nail files you use for your nails, though – we’re talking about steel and metal files meant for fixing and sharpening steel and metallic structures, more commonly referred to as auger bit files.

  1. Start by sharpening the main cutter, which is the first level after the center screw.
  2. You can do so by firmly holding the tip of the bit against anything that can hold its weight. You’ll notice big differences after certain passes of the file over the cutter.
  3. After that, try and have the file run through the cutting spurs. You can find them on the opposite edges from where the main cutting edges are.
  4. It’s best to sharpen it every single time you sharpen the main cutting edge.
  5. Always remember that when sharpening, you have to sharpen from the inside going to the outside.
  6. By the term of “sharpening,” you’re already finished. However, there are instances where a burr forms on the cutting edges.
  7. An easy fix and resolution to removing these burrs is by boring a hole using the bit; but if you want a surer way of removing the burrs, place the bit on a flat sharpening stone (must be at least 3,000 grit).
  8. Continue to grind it in a circular and a rotating motion until the burr is removed.

Why Should You Choose a Wood Auger Bit Over Other Types of Drill Bits?

Wood auger drill bits aren’t the only bits you can use for wood. In fact, it’s just one of the many types and kinds of woodworking tools and accessories.


Wood auger drill bits come in a wide variety of sizes

But why should you use a wood auger drill bit to work on your project?

Here are some of the main advantages of wood auger drill bits.

 Hole Quality

Because of the design and the features of wood auger drill bits, you can be sure that the quality of the holes would be better, smoother, and more accurate.

If you choose wood auger drill bits, you can expect uniformity at its finest.

Depth of the Drill

If you thought wood auger drill bits aren’t capable of making deep holes, think again!

Not only will you be able to get good quality holes, you can drill deep into wood – up to 600 mm or up to 23.6 inches!

Hole Boring Ease

Because of the center screw or the guide of wood auger drill bits, you will find using wood auger drill bits easier, simpler, and more convenient!

Compared to regular drill bits where you’d have to exert force, you don’t need to exert strong force and pressure in using auger bits!

These are only some of the primary advantages of using wood auger drill bits. You’ll be able to find and experience more if you try them out!

The more you use them, the more you’ll realize the efficiency and the effectiveness of wood auger bits!

Are Wood Auger Bits Ideal For Splitting Wood?

Because of the cutting capacity of wood auger bits, you can consider it as one of the best tools for splitting wood.

Can I Use a Wood Auger Drill Bit For Splitting Wood_
If you drill through wood carefully, you’ll be able to split wood

To be able to split wood, just install the wood auger drill bit to an electric drill and work on drilling the wood.

You have to be careful, though, because you might drill it all the way through.

Wood Auger Bits vs. Forstner Bits

There are a lot of people that think Forstner bits are the same as wood auger bits.

Wood Auger Bits vs. Forstner Bits

This is an example of what a forstner drill bit looks like – looking a lot different from an auger bit

But, in reality, they’re a lot different.

Wood auger bits are actually better and more efficient when it comes to clearing waste materials than forstner bits. Forstner bits, on the other hand, operate and function faster and more efficiently.

Forstner bits are also capable to work on holes that have flat bottoms, while auger bits aren’t very well suited for these types of materials because of the large screw guides they have.

When it comes to the shaft, wood auger bits have longer and more durable shafts; Forstner bits, on the other hand, have short shafts.

Pricing-wise, wood auger bits are cheaper and more affordable than Forstner bits. Furthermore, you’ll find that wood auger bits are more widely available in the market.

Can I Use a Wood Auger Drill Bit in a Power Drill?

Yes, you can mount and attach wood auger drill bits onto a power drill, allowing you to work on your projects with automation.

Can I Use a Wood Auger Bit on a Power Drill_
if your shank fits the drill, you’ll be able to use it on a power drill

While there are handheld augers that are utilized for manual woodworking, businesses tend to go with wood auger drill bits today because of the efficiency of working with the power drill.

How Are Wood Auger Drill Bits Measured?

You might be dumbfounded by how tools and power accessories experts describe and measure wood auger bits.

But, you can easily and simply measure them via measuring the distance between the screw point’s opposite sides at both the outer edge of the cutting lips and the base. (1)

To measure the thickness, take it from the base of the screw point (2). Then, for the radius of the auger bit, subtract ½ of the measurement of the thickness (2) from the measurement of the (1).

Lastly, you will be able to get the diameter of the nominal bit size by multiplying the radius by two.

Where Can You Find the Best Wood Auger Drill Bits?

If you’re looking for the best quality of wood auger drill bits in the best deals, look and work with a Chinese manufacturer.

Working with them will allow you to get the best wood auger bits at the most affordable and the most competitive rates available.

Which Chinese Wood Auger Drill Bit Manufacturer Should You Work With?

For over a decade, Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. has been the most relied on and the most trusted wood auger drill bit supplier and manufacturer in the country.

We’ve cascaded our reach, providing pre-made and customized wood auger bits to more than 900 clients all over the world.

Our wood auger bits are fortified and are enriched with heat treatment for further stability and durability.

With Tenyu Tools, you would not only get the best quality of wood auger bits, you’ll have extreme and absolute connection from a world-renowned Chinese manufacturer too!

Work with us now and get the best wood auger bits you can get in the market for the lowest and the most affordable rates!

You can get a ton of different shank types and classifications, different types and kinds of flutes, as well as different finishes!

We manufacture thousands of wood auger bits on a daily basis – you can count on us if you need wood auger bits in bulk and in wholesale!

Send us an email and we will respond with the price of the orders you need! Tenyu Tools Co., Ltd. guarantees zero surcharges and high fees! You’ll immediately know how much you need to pay even before you decide!

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