Mushroom Drill Bit for Mushroom Logs Drilling


Professionally grow mushrooms, increase work efficiency by 60%

  • Mushroom drill bit can drill into logs and inoculate with mushroom spawn 
  • We can make sure each holes is same in depth 
  • Very suitable for mushroom cultivation
  • Tenyu tools, use the lowest money to buy the best mushroom drill bits




You are working with the most excellent Chinese supplier for Drill Bit for Mushroom Logs!!!

Our new drill bit! Used to drill holes in the logs to put the mushroom plugs into the logs. You can choose the suitable drill bit for the mushroom log project and you can be assured that the holes is the same depth because this drill bits include a stop collar! It can solve the trouble of uneven depth of drilling holes on logs with twist drills

Size : 8.5 mm-15 mm

The uniform aperture and depth of the drill hole increase the yield of mushrooms,
The automatic card slot keeps the drilled holes in a uniform depth.
Use cordless drills machine (angle grinder drill bit adapter
) to drilling the mushroom hole
Professional diy mushroom inoculation tool

Profession design for mushroom drill bit of packing:
Only attracts people? no , no. the better packing not just looks-only, also a combination of looks and prevent damage during transportation.
Show your brand with a beautiful design, Attract more people and make it easier to remember your brand.


New Popular Drill Bits for Mushroom Plug.

High-Speed Mushroom Drill Bit. excellent drilling depth stop collar,


How to Use Drill Bit for Mushroom Logs:

  1. Install the mushroom drill bit to the electric drill
  2. The drill is perpendicular to the place where the hole needs to be drilled
  3. Drilling! No need to worry about the depth, the holes drilled are the same depth


High-Speed Mushroom Drill Bit. excellent drilling depth stop collar

This kind of Drill Bit for Mushroom Logs is made of carbon steel.





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