Metal Drilling HSS Metal Drill Bit Black Oxide

  • HSS metal drill bits are hard-wearing
  • Black Oxide is 50% longer life than other drill bits
  • 135 degree split-point can prevent walking when drilling
  • Universal round shank


HSS M2 metal drill bits are used to drill on the stainless steel, aluminum, iron, cast iron, sintered iron, 135 degree split-point no need punch tool to find the center point and it can prevent walking when you drill on the metal. The black oxide coating is 50% longer life than other hss drill bits. Round shank can be used for drill stands and drill drivers. Ground flutes provide fast chip to remove maximize, efficiency along the full working surface of the bit. Drill on the metal, we recommend you hss drill bits.

  • Material: M2 HSS 6542
  • Surface: Black Oxide
  • Use: Metal Drilling

HSS metal Drill Bits can drill on stainless steel, aluminum, iron, cast iron, sintered iron.

Ground Flutes can fast chip to remove maximize. When drilling, can dissipate heat very well!

M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) 6542



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