HSS 135 Degree Twist Drill Bits for Metal Drilling

  • HSS Drill Bits can provide long-lasting performance when drilling
  • Made of M2 HSS 6542, M2 can provide higher wear resistance for metal drilling
  • 135 degree split point can drilling directly without a center punch tool
  • Fast chip removal


HSS drill bits with black and bright surface, “fully ground” means the drill bits are very strong and precise. M2 drill bits is cheaper than M35. 135 degree split point can drill precise without center punch tool.

  • Material: M2 HSS 6542
  • Surface: Black & Bright
  • Use: Metal Drilling

The hss drill bits can drill on stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, casting iron.

M2 hss drill bits are sharpened easily for long use.

  • Black and Bright surface
  • M2 HSS 6542
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