Best Hss Fully Ground Twist Drill Bits

  • Best HSS Drill Bits with black and gold surface to make the drill bit harder and more wear-resistant than other drill bits
  • Three flatted shank can for better chuck grip
  • Turbo Max Point for clean entry, fast start and stays sharp longer
  • No need center punch tool


The best hss drill bits consist of three flatted shank and turbo max point, three flatted shank can help you better chuck grip the hammer drill and the turbo max point is for clean entry, fast start. Black and amber surfing make the drill bits harder and extend the use life.

  • Material: M2 HSS 6542
  • Finish: Black & Amber
  • Process: Fully Ground

The best hss drill bits usually used to drill on the metal, iron, stainless steel, etc.

Use for a long life time, small and easy to carry.

  • Black and Amber surface
  • M2 HSS 6542



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