Best Black and Gold HSS Twist Drill Bits

  • Hss twist drill bits can provide a long life use
  • Hss twist drill bits have high strength and durability
  • 135° split-point drills on contact and prevents walking
  • The flutes provide enough torque to fast drilling


Hss twist drill bits, black and gold surface provide a protection to prevent rusty. Drilling accurate without a center punch tool, it can drill in general metal drilling. 135 degree split point eliminate drill walking on work-pieces. High quality guarantee hss twist drill bits!

  • Material: M2 HSS 6542
  • Surface: Black & Gold
  • Use: Metal Drilling

Hss twist drill bits for drilling on copper, stainless steel, iron and other materials.

Hss twist Drill Bits use long life, Factory price.

  • Surface: Black and Gold
  • Material: M2 HSS 6542



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