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Your Best Grinding Wheel Supplier in China – TENYU

Grinding Wheel, its name comes from it likes a cup with a depression in the center.


Grinding Wheel have different types, we divide them into two types

● Diamond Grinding Wheel

● Grinding Wheel Cup

Two manufacturing methods:

1. Cold Pressing

2. Hot Pressing

Grinding Wheel Manufacturers Description

Tenyu Tools grinding wheels manufacturer is known for the unmatched combination of cutting speed and durability. With high-quality diamond abrasives and a strong bond to harness their functionality, they are one of man’s greatest inventions.
They are called super abrasive, providing higher efficiency and better conductivity that inhibits the rise of temperature in the workpiece. These grinding wheels are ideal when you are dealing with extremely tough materials like concrete, gemstones, or carbide tips
It is no surprise that they are the top choice of trusted grinding wheel suppliers from all over the world. The superb precision performance that these grinding wheels give is truly exceptional.

Features and Advantages for Grinding Wheel Manufacturers

The embedded diamonds on the grinding wheels offer coarseness and toughness that make the process a breeze, delivering your desired results. To ensure perfect outcomes, make sure that you are using the right grit size to match the material.
They guarantee a proficient and outstanding finish because of the unique characteristics to form dressing materials into a variety of shapes. This ultra-edge cutting edge advantage allows you to complete a high amount of rough treatment.
Initially, they are expensive. However, the extended span of life of Tenyu Tools custom grinding wheels brings more efficiency and reduces your expenses.
They have better resistance to wear and abrasion. These wheels are not easily impacted by weather elements and other external factors.
To enjoy these benefits, buy products from diamond wheel suppliers that offer wheels with superior bonds. The type of bond is where the secret of longevity lies.
Whether they are metal, electroplated, vitrified, or resin, the quality of the bond that keeps the diamond abrasives intact should be your top consideration.
Choosing grinding wheels over other options brings great advantages that make commercial or home projects easy and quick. With them in the workplace, you will enjoy excellent form holding, high removal rate, and longer wheel life.

Grinding Wheels Applications

Diamond is the hardest mineral in the world, so harnessing their power to manufacture industrial diamond grinding wheels results in excellent products. For many years, Tenyu Tools grinding wheels have been a great help to manufacturers.
From the car and aviation industry, medical and dental to jewelry-making, they are widely-used for essential tools and machines. They work best on both dry and wet surfaces, grinding with accuracy at high speed on any kind of hard material.
They remove carbides easily and swiftly. They make grinding, polishing, cutting, and shaping a breeze.

Grinding wheels can be classified into three – electroplated, sintered, and brazing.

●Electroplated grinding wheels manufacturers have diamond abrasive content in the structure. They are easy to use, delivering smoother and faster performance.
●Sintered grinding wheels offer aggressive cut, faster feed rate, and longer tool life. Dressing them to expose additional diamond crystals generates a more aggressive cut.
●Brazing grinding wheels are ideal for high-precision grinding applications. It allows customization to ensure accurate grinding of high-end and tough materials.

Discover the difference when using Tenyu Tools diamond grinding wheels. Because at the end of each business day, your productivity is measured by the quality and quantity of output.


Grinding Wheels Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide:

This guide aims to help you in choosing top-quality grinding wheels Manufacturers.

It provides everything you need to know about grinding wheels, such as features, benefits, sizes, cost, and troubleshooting.

All these essential factors significantly contribute to the grinding wheels performance, durability, and speed.

Are you all set to find out what makes them a great choice? Check out this guide before buying grinding wheels.

What are Grinding Wheels?

The manufacturing industry has been using grinding wheels for over 150 years.

But not all people are aware of the vital role they play to produce a variety of products.

Grinding wheels are made from pressed and bonded composite material, forming a solid and circular shaped component for tools and machines.

The most common types are:
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Diamond
  • Silicon carbide
  • Ceramic
  • Cubic boron nitride or CBN

Each type is made from natural or synthetic abrasive minerals that are bonded together in the matrix, forming a circular shape or wheel.

The grinding wheels are considered super-abrasive, with synthetic diamond components bonded to the periphery.

They are widely used due to their excellent capability to work in specialty and tough materials like granite, carbide, concrete, or gemstones.

Cool trivia: Do you know that most natural diamonds are 1 billion and 3 ½ billion years?

They are formed 150 and 250 kilometers deep in Earth’s mantle and carried to the surface by volcanic eruptions.

What are Tenyu Tools Grinding Wheels Made of?

The unsurpassable hardness of diamonds makes them highly-popular material for many uses and applications.

With copper and nickel coating, these wheels become immensely tough and durable.

They also last longer compared to grinding wheels that use aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

The embedded diamond grains deliver extra coarseness and toughness, resulting in a precise grinding, cutting, or sharpening performance.

This makes them an ideal choice to grind rocks, precious stones., and super-hard industrial materials.

What are the Main Features of Tenyu Tools Grinding Wheels Manufacturers?

In manufacturing industrial diamond grinding wheels, it is important to use the highest quality diamond grains and bonding elements.

They are typically classified by their grit size, shape, bond, structure, and concentration.

  • Shapes. Typical shapes are cylinders, cones, cylinders, and wheels with profiles cut into the periphery.
  • Grits. Grit sizes between 120 and 180 deliver reliable performance in various tool room applications.

For a superior surface finish of very fine materials, the finer grits between 220 and above are your best option.

Finer grit diamond wheels provide better grinding and gemstones cutting precision and convenience.

  • Concentration. The abrasive concentration of diamond grains in the grinding rim of the wheels depends on the kind of application it is to be utilized.

A concentration of 75 to 125 is ideal for stock removal of hardened steel or tungsten carbide, while a concentration of 150 is best for very small surfaces.

  • Bond. The most common bonds for grinding wheels are vitrified bond, metal bond, resin bond, and electroplated with a resin bond.

Metal and vitrified bonds are usually custom-ordered and more expensive but work excellently for diamond grinding wheels.

  • Structure or grains spacing. The hardness of the grinding wheels is determined by the structure or abrasive grains spacing.

The most-dense structure is known as a close-spaced or hard wheel with the capability to work on finer surface finish.

The less-dense wheels have an open structure that cuts common materials freely and perfectly.

What Makes the Tenyu Tools Manufacturer Grinding Wheels a Smart Choice?

The automobile industry uses them to create bearings and makes rotors and camshafts for jet engines.

Dental implants, surgical tools, prosthetics, and other medical/dental products are also manufactured with the help of grinding wheels.

Even the Space Shuttles ceramic pump seals are produced with customized grinding wheels.

They are also utilized to grind flight control and aerospace components that require accurate tolerance.

The unique strength of diamond abrasives is perfect for polishing marble slabs that countertops, bathrooms, or kitchen areas.

For concrete surfaces, polishing floor level becomes more convenient because of grinding wheels.

How Does the Grinding Wheels Help the Manufacturing Industry?

The automobile industry uses them to create bearings and makes rotors and camshafts for jet engines.

Dental implants, surgical tools, prosthetics, and other medical/dental products are also manufactured with the help of diamond grinding wheels.

Even the Space Shuttles ceramic pump seals are produced with customized diamond grinding wheels.

They are also utilized to grind flight control and aerospace components that require accurate tolerance.

The unique strength of diamond abrasives is perfect for polishing marble slabs that countertops, bathrooms, or kitchen areas.

For concrete surfaces, polishing floor level becomes more convenient because of grinding wheels.

What are the Advantages of Using Tenyu Tools Diamond Grinding Wheels?

As one of the hardest minerals, natural or synthetic diamonds are much-sought in various areas of manufacturing.

Their excellent grinding power makes cutting, polishing, or grinding hard alloy, precious stones, glass, ceramics, cemented carbide, and brittle materials a breeze.

They have high wear resistance, promising longer use time and service life.

During high-precision operation, the shape, size, or form of the diamond abrasive grains may change very slightly but does not impact its efficiency and performance.

This type of grinding wheels is capable of doing simultaneous precise, and efficient machining.

The great thermal conductivity improves the quality of surface processing and makes it conducive to heat evacuation.

The conductivity also prevents falling off, cracking, and burning of the work material.

The high-strength grinding performance and capability to sustain the micro-edge power of the diamond abrasive grains for a long period reduce the number of grinding cycles, saving energy.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Diamond Grinding Wheels?

Grinding wheels are the most expensive option. The type of bond may cause some performance issues.

  • Electroplated diamond grinding wheels do not have a strong chemical bonding between the abrasive surface, matrix, and plating metal.

The plating metal only covers the abrasive grains, making it difficult to hold the strong force during high-level grinding.

This causes the diamond particles to fall off.

To resolve this issue, manufacturers adjust the plating thickness, which results in the reduction of chip space that easily blocks the grinding wheels.

It brings a poor cooling effect that can burn the work surface.

  • Metal bonded wheels are hard to dress because they sustain their form, and the dressing-roll shape quickly deteriorates.
  • Vitrified bonded wheels are brittle and prone to breakage like glass during the grinding operation.

How to Extend the Life of the Tenyu Tools Diamond Grinding Wheels?

Factors like wheel speed, coolant use, and feed rate work speed help in extending their life.

  • Wheel speed determines the performance of the grinding wheels, so it is important to use the recommended grinding speed for dry or wet surfaces.

For wet surfaces, use a grinding speed of 4000 to 6000 sf/min and for dry grinding, use 3500 to 4500 sf/min.

In wet grinding, reducing the speed below 4000sf/min affects the efficiency, while using a speed of 6000 sf/min lessens the wheel life.

A grinding speed of over 4500 sf/min in dry surfaces can damage the wheels, especially if the coolant is not used during the process.

Excessive work speeds also bring damage or wear and tear issues in the material or the wheel.

  • Feed rate work speed refers to the depth of the cut, which can cause cracking, burning, chipping in the diamond grinding wheels.

If any of these problems occur, the wheel cannot produce the expected outputs in terms of finish, size, or form.

Using the right grit size to get the depth of the cut is very important, preventing damage in the wheel face or causing the wheel to detach from the round.

  • Coolant is a vital accessory during the performance of the grinding wheels but can also cause damage when used during high-speed grinding.

It is better to manage and sustain the right feed rate and speed in dry grinding rather than damage the wheel due to alternate cold and heat treatment.

For wet grinding, maintaining a steady stream of coolant is better compared to on-and-off use.

How Do You Care for Your Tenyu Tools Grinding Wheels?

Because they are an expensive investment, you need to take into consideration the proper use and care to ensure efficient performance and longevity.

As soon as you unpack them, inspect the grinding wheels thoroughly to ensure that there is no damage done during the transit.

Used grinding wheels should be inspected before storing them.

These grinding wheels must be stored properly to protect against gouging and banging.

To prevent damaging the bonds, you must put them in a room that does not experience extreme changes in humidity and temperature.

Proper handling should be observed to avoid bumping and dropping.

Make sure that the grinding wheel is in place with machine guards properly closed before the operation.

Always make grinding contact gently and never force it to prevent the work material from getting hot or the motor to slow down.

When the grinding wheel breaks while in use, you need to immediately inspect the machine to check if it damages the mounting nut, spindle, flanges, and other vital parts.

I hope that you get all the information you need from this guide.

If you still have other questions about grinding wheels manufacturers, feel free to contact us.



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